Which are your three favourite Tony Anthony-movies?

Let’s find out, which of Tony Anthonys movies are the most popular! You can vote for three movies max.


Blindman is clearly the best, followed by the 3 Vanzi films, which are pretty close in quality terms, but I would prefer the first 2, cause the The Silent Stranger contains less western parts.

Get Mean is a catastrophe, and Comin’ at Ya a disappointment. Especially the gruesome 3d effects kill the film.

I like Tony’s style, even if he does not look like a real western actor.

Like the humour he brings to his roles and a tough man for a short guy. Blindman is my favourite, but not seen the third stranger film yet though. Do like Get Mean more I see the film.

Blindman is my favourite one followed by the first two stranger films.

For me, the best is A Stranger in Town. When I first saw it, I was fascinated total. So little words. … so dark. Terrific. Absolutely terrific.
For me, definitely better than Blindman.

But I must admit, Get Mean and Comin 'at Ya! I do not know.

Yes A Stranger in Town is my favourite too. Very minimalistic in its expression and a fitting score.

I was very disappointed with Blindman when I watched after all the hype it had gotten. Never got into the movie. Will have to watch it again with lower expectations. Get Mean is weird and fun but no masterpiece either. Comin’ At Ya is definitely Tony’s weakest movie in the genre. Why anyone would want to put that one up in the theaters once again beats me. Too much gimmicky too little content.

Stranger Returns is my favorite.

A Stranger in Town, The Silent Stranger and Blindman

  1. Stranger in Town
  2. Blindman
  3. Stranger Returns
  1. Blindman. No need for arguments. Simply top 15 spaghetti western.
  2. Stranger in town. A simple spaghetti western, a bit boring to watch, but hey, on Anthony-scale the second.
  3. Get Mean. A dull movie, but points from the total insanity, so the third one.

no love for comin at ya? for me that’s an indicator that in these votings and top lists, movies that aren’t widely available on DVD and therefore unknown have a disadvantage

Hmmm, I think there are other reasons for not being too excited about Comin’ at Ya. :wink:

Besides the first 2 Stranger films don’t have a good DVD release either. In fact only Blindman has a top notch DVD release of Tony’s films.

I really wished Koch would …

Eh, Comin’ At Ya is the most readily available on dvd of all the mentioned movies so it should be in top position if that counted anything.

The dvd is and was available cheap since forever !? Sure its in bad 3d but still available and still easier to find that any of the others.

A Stranger in Town is my favourite, Top 20 material, an essential SW

Haven’t seen Get Mean yet (will watch it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow) and don’t remember Comin’ at ya very well (saw it in cinema and remember some of the quite irritating 3D-effects, but little of the rest of the movie). Blindman isn’t my cup of tea. Return is an okay movie, but lacks the atmosphere and minimalist approach of the first entry.

I’ve only seen Blindman (so I can’t cast a vote :’(), but that the film is definatly Top 20 stuff.

I´ve only seen three, the first two ´strangers´ and Blindman. Stranger Returns and Blindman are about the same level I think, though it´s been a while I´ve seen Blindman for the last time. Stranger in Town was a weak film in my opinion.

Blindman is essential - pure pastiche, brilliantly made. All three original Stranger films are good, with the first and third nudging ahead in my affections.

Get Mean has its moments, but is just too daft ultimately, while Comin’ at Ya, needless to say, would have been a much better movie without the gimmickry. Still a fun ride.

1 Blindman
2 A stranger in town
3 The stranger returns
4 The silent stranger
5 Get mean
6 Comin at ya

Also only seen three as well, Blindman, the first Stranger film and that Japan Stranger film (The Silent Stranger, as it’s called) but the best out of those is with no doubt Blindman.

1- blindman
2-stranger in town
3-get mean