Which actors/ actresses do you wish had done more sw's?

Why Adam West?

[quote=“korano, post:21, topic:1783”]Why Adam West?[/quote]Actually Adam west was pretty good in The Relentless Four.

But how about William Shattner? ;D

I enjoyed West in The Relentless Four aswell.

Henry Fonda

Bronson and Volonte

I forgot about Bronson, and yes would have been good.

[glow=red,2,300][size=7]Warren Oates[/size][/glow]

This poofy color doesn’t match with Warren Oates.

Ditto about Warren Oates (and ditto about the colour - WTF??).

And among the ladies, I’d like to have seen more of Claudia Cardinale (in more ways than one).

john philip law
horst frank
luigi pistilli
anthony ghidra
cameron michell
alfredo mayo
stephen boyd
gian maria volonte
charles bronson

nicoleta machiavelli

Ben Johnson… on a Leone-project (so he’d have worked with the top-3 western-directors in history, joining Ford and Peckinpah)

from the actual era;
Brad Dexter
Jim Davis
Leo Gordon
Eddie Constantine
Pat McGoohan
Jean-Paul Belmondo

Bridgitte Bardot
Dominique Sanda
Senta Berger
Merlina Mercouri
Tuesday Weld
Liz Taylor

Richard Conte and Adolfo Celi.


Not an actor, but I sometimes find myself wishing Leone had made more movies. He made some of the best, but compared to some of his counterparts in the genre, he made a small amount of flicks.

Robert Hossein GIOVANNA Ralli
Alex Cord Nicoletta Machiavelli
Lang Jeffries Pillar Velazquez
Gianni Medici

Yeah, I agree with Co. Mortimer’s post above…HENRY FONDA !! He, for whatever reason, made a particularly menacing bad guy in OUATITW.

Gian Maria Volonte was great, but he was kind of typecast. IMHO, he would never be anything but Indio after starring in For A Few Dollars More.

I’m with you Lone Gringo, more Giovanna and Pillar. I would also ad Iris Berben.
Regarding Volonte, SNW have you seen Face to Face? He’s quite different than El Indio in that one (and he’s great).
Anyway, I’d rather have Eastwood, Van Cleef, Wallach or Volonte in 100 hundred SWs, before I watch one with John Phillip Law :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish Coburn and Oates acted in SW during the heyday of the genre, and I regret that Lee Marvin didn’t act in SW.
Oh yeah, and Robards, he would be great in more, but at least he did Ballad of Cable Hogue with Peckinpah.

Havent seen Face To Face…yet. I suspect that I’ve seen Volonte in a few films and didn’t recognize him. Did he do voice overs for other actors? One scene I’m thinking of is the drunk officer (bridge scene) in Good Bad and The Ugly. I always thought he might be Volonte all cleaned up…he certainly sounds like him.

You mean the english dub? I think his lines were dubbed by another actor who also did the voice of drunk officer and few others.

Luke Askew. He was always good in American westerns and had an anti-hero edge to his performances.

Another is Woody Strode. I always wished they had made a series of westerns based on a black hero.

Eli Wallach…I think the few that he did after GBU didn’t really live up to his level of performance in that film.