Where to find rare spaghetti western dvd's, help appreciated

Hi guys, what i’m basically writing for is recommendations on safe places to find rare spaghetti western dvd’s at reasonable prices. A place i just checked was Trash Palace website, but i’ve never shopped from there before. Has anyone shopped from there? Feedback on the service and quality of the dvd’s would be greatly appreciated.
I live in the U.K, i’ve been looking on the amazon websites, uk and u.s. I’m looking for dvd’s with subs or dubs in english. Stuff like Face to Face, Big Gundown ect ect at a good price.
Any help is greatly appreciated, it’s ashame these movies don’t get the recognition and treatment for the fans they deserve.

  • Josh

Hi Josh,

In all honesty I wouldn’t waste your money paying for Trash Palace’s discs. They are all just bootleg rips and often of pretty rubbish quality. Check out the DVD links on any of the films’ pages here in our database and if there is a bona fide release it will be listed with details and a link to amazon where you can buy them.

You mention The Big Gundown for instance and this is available from Amazon.de in a beautiful release from Koch Media with English subs at probably not much more than TPs bootleg DVDR.

If you are still unsure about where to find what I’d be happy to help you out further. Just let me know what titles you are after and I’ll point you in the right direction. Not every film has a good release of course but you may be surprised by how many do these days.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

hi josh, yeah i’m just a few months ahead of you in terms of buying. the links on the sites work well. dont be afraid of using the german amazon. if you use google chrome that can translate most of the text. just make sure your seller provides international shipping. check and double check the available dvd section on the site and find out what editions your after. the information on here is usually more reliable than the info on the websites.

where in the uk are you? FYI the quad cinema in derby is showing the good the bad and the ugly on the 19th!

The best place for rare DVD:s is CINECITY but they are pretty expencive.

Cine City is reliable and ships fast and therefore I respect the guy running it. He has loads of stuff too. But his website is not user friendly and the prices are way too high. If you´re lazy and you have too much money, you can get most releases from him.

It also depends on what dvd´s you´re looking for. It´s usually the cheapest to order a Dutch dvd in Holland and a German dvd in Germany.

Bit to expensive for me.