Where people kill the most (DVD Eng dubbed)

(warrior) #1

i released this movie in south africa on dvdr only
no extra features .its $20 each to forum members .i will email the sleeve to the buyers.

email me direclty

(warrior) #2

(Søren) #3

But this was already released by Koch Media in a fine edition 10 years ago plus Wild East (!) will be releasing it in a few months:


(warrior) #4

not in english i am the first to release it in english
i am not concerned about other releases
thanks for info anyway

(warrior) #5

i dont care about other releases.this is first time its english .others were not english


Wild East’s version will most certainly be in English.

(warrior) #7

i own full legal rights for south africa but choose to sell it on dvdr as i am not prepared to replicate 100 and only sell 100 of this movie.
one day when i do decide to have it replicated then i will post it here again


Are you the new Franco Cleef? :open_mouth:

(warrior) #9

whats wrong with franco cleef?he gave you guys very good titles.some people never had a problem buying them but unlike him i own rights unfortunately.


Nothing at all.

(The Man With a Name) #11

Are you still going to release The Hangman’s Tree? Looking forward to that one. Hopefully you’ll reconsider releasing Three Gun Showdown, as well. I’m sure everybody will buy that.

(kevenz) #12

did you use the koch media print for your dvd-r ? because the koch is anamorphic and your seems letterboxed.

(warrior) #13

i have nothing to do with koch media or wild east.i buy my movies
direct from distributors in italy been doing it for 20 year