Where Can I Download the film "Mille dollari sul nero"

(remoblaze) #1

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone can give me information of a link so I can download or watch the following film:
Mille dollari sul nero directed by Alberto Cardone.
I believe the English title is "Blood at Sundown"
Thank you in advance

(Silence) #2

I’m sure it’s available at Cinemageddon.

(remoblaze) #3

Thanks, Silence… :-X

(remoblaze) #4

What’s the web address for cinemaggedon?
Can’t find it :frowning:

(Bad Lieutenant) #5



(remoblaze) #6

Thanks!!! Lieutenant but I already searched through google but I can’t open the page :frowning:

(Silence) #7

Probably cause they changed address from cinemageddon.org to cinemageddon.net.

(Bad Lieutenant) #8


What’s the problem?

Nope. Top link in Google search is .net

(The Great Duck) #9

I’m sorry for resurrecting this thread, but as it stands now, the site only accepts signups with an invitation from a member…So I hope one of you people here (if there’s still any users of that site here) will be so kind to invite me. :smiley:
Thanks in advance.

(bobbins666) #10

Hi,just thought i’d let anyone know who wants this movie that its on Veehd.Watch or download.Along with other spagwests,giallos and euro-crimers.

(Sam) #11

You and me both. I’d love to dig into what they have to offer, but sadly unless you already happen to know someone who’s a member, you’re essentially out of luck.

(scherpschutter) #12

I’m on, the site, but I can’t invite people, you need to reach a special level for that, and I haven’t reached it yet.

(Sam) #13

Oh, well. I waited a long time to get access to Demonoid, too, so I’m sure I can survive waiting on Cinemageddon.

(ENNIOO) #14

Liked Demonoid have to admit.