Where Can I Download the film "Mille dollari sul nero"

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone can give me information of a link so I can download or watch the following film:
Mille dollari sul nero directed by Alberto Cardone.
I believe the English title is "Blood at Sundown"
Thank you in advance

I’m sure it’s available at Cinemageddon.

Thanks, Silence… :-X

What’s the web address for cinemaggedon?
Can’t find it :frowning:



Thanks!!! Lieutenant but I already searched through google but I can’t open the page :frowning:

Probably cause they changed address from cinemageddon.org to cinemageddon.net.


What’s the problem?

Nope. Top link in Google search is .net

I’m sorry for resurrecting this thread, but as it stands now, the site only accepts signups with an invitation from a member…So I hope one of you people here (if there’s still any users of that site here) will be so kind to invite me. :smiley:
Thanks in advance.

Hi,just thought i’d let anyone know who wants this movie that its on Veehd.Watch or download.Along with other spagwests,giallos and euro-crimers.

You and me both. I’d love to dig into what they have to offer, but sadly unless you already happen to know someone who’s a member, you’re essentially out of luck.

I’m on, the site, but I can’t invite people, you need to reach a special level for that, and I haven’t reached it yet.

Oh, well. I waited a long time to get access to Demonoid, too, so I’m sure I can survive waiting on Cinemageddon.

Liked Demonoid have to admit.