When will the OST of Keoma be reissued?

The Hexachord OST of keoma has long been sold out. I heard from one of my dealers that the rights have been purchased by another company. Is it fair to assume that there will be another cd release in the nearby future? I believe this very particular music deserves an ultimate OST release!!!

I am surprised this has not been issued again.

Remember speaking to Lionel Woodman of Hillside CD Productions ( then known as Soundtrack Deletions) who was responsible for the Hexachord issue. The CD only got issued as he was doing a favour for someone at the time, and Woodman himself is not the greatest fan of the Keoma songs.

Nonetheless, it is a very remarkable soundtrack which is on the wishlist of quite a few aficionados. Soundtracks of lesser known SWs have been released, so why o why are we still waiting for this (re)release. I don’t believe a director’s personal taste has much to do with it. I do believe there’s money to be made here. So let’s be done with django rereleases( which i did pick up of course :-)) and start putting out highly sought after OSTa such as Keoma!!

I agree. Rights disputes and loss of them keeps too much good material off the market. Like this, a soundtrack compilation I’d love to purchase on disk:

But I emailed the company and they lost the rights. I have yet to see it reissued by anyone else.

Maybe you could search about for a second hand one Angle Eyes?

There’s also a Vinyl release if that’s your thing.

I don’t mind the Keoma music (I love some of the awful singing in some of the De Angelis brothers tracks) but I listen to The Shark Hunter more.

Like the cover to the L.P release.

Such a great soundtrack, although the vocals can be deterring. I’ve seen it available for download online, but if you’re wanting a solid copy you may have to pay extra for an out of print copy. The De Angelis brothers are right up there, in my opinion, with the best of Italian film scores. Their scores for the Eurocrime films High Crime and Street Law are both outstanding. Depending on where you’re at, you can sometimes find used copies of CDs through Amazon, but if they’re out of print sometimes they rack up the price.