When Heroes Die / Consigna: matar al comandante en jefe (José Luis Merino, 1970)

I saw the ending of this macaroni combat film on movies4men. It starred Craig Hill and Piero Lulli. It’s also known as Suicide Mission. It looks like the DVD is only available in Italian. Anyone know if there’s any English versions available? I might have to wait for movies4men to show it again.

Theres a Czech dvd release on Ebay, for around 4.99, with English audio, and lovely crisp quality. Look up an account called Mr.Molotov, he has a whole bunch of these releases, some have English audio, and some have Italian, but all are great quality.

EDIT: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Commando-di-spie-7-eroiche-carogne-1970-Italian-Spanish-1970-WW2-DVD-in-English-/271233716381?hash=item3f26ca109d:g:nY8AAOSwfcVUEB0J

Here it is. Just to save time :wink:

Never knew Hill had been in a war one.

Thank you! That’s great. :slight_smile: