When did your SW passion start and how?

Dear SW fans,

as I get i lil bit nostalgic selling the whole DVD collection, I wanted to start a discussion on the early days, when we all started to watch SWs.

Here is my story :

I’m from France, and In 1999, I was a student.
At that time, I had a girlfriend, and she had access to a nice library where we could take VHS tapes.
I had a passion for dance (I still have it) and I started to borrow all the dance movies (Fred Astaire…).

By chance I discovered the Leone movies on VHS, and I watched it… and I fell in love with SWs !
I remember more or less talking with my parents about westerns, and they mentioned Clint Eastwood, so it leads me to the library :slight_smile:

But my SW knowledge was limited, I didn’t know 700 SW were produced…
Internet was not very helpful in 1999, so I guess I discovered other SWs through movie dictionnaries :slight_smile:

I remember the first one I discovered after the dollar trilogy was Django, I really wanted to watch this one !
At that time I began to buy DVDs from amazon in the US (not sure about the exact date), and I ordered Django/Django 2 from Anchor Bay Entertainment (I kept this one as a souvenir).
That’s how I started my dvd collection.

I discovered later on Wild East DVDs (I also kept “a fistful of trailers” as a souvenir) and of course the SWWB !

I remember how passionate the topics were, and I want to thank you all (sorry I don’t remember the pseudonyms from the early days) because I learned a lot with you guys !

That’s my story :slight_smile:


Well, make a top 20 in the top 20 thread … it seems you know what you are talking about …

Ok I will :wink:


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