What's your favorite word to describe SWs?

I’ll have to say Spaghetti Western.

In Germany everybody calls them Italo Western. and it is by far the term I like the most. It already sounds a bit brutish.

The word SW is rarely used here.

スパゲッティ western :wink:

Films most of the people I meet face to face do not like…when I mention the word western. Western is the word.

Western all’italiana for the genre, Spaghetti Western for a single film.


It’s probably simply a matter being raised (and therefore being familiar) with a certain term. In Dutch and English, the languages I read and write most, they are called spaghetti westerns, so that’s the term I like and use most. Western all’italiana (the plural form of western is western in Italian, so without the s) is typically Italian (some Italians still see spaghetthi western as a derogatory term) and I like it. I somehow can’t get familiar with Italo Western, don’t know, doesn’t sound right to me. I think Macaroni western is used in Japanese. ‘Pasta’ is somtimes used by American critics (maybe Maltin introduced he term). I don’t dislike it, but don’t really like it either.

Well I copied Western All’italiana form a post (didn’t know the spelling), so I’m innocent about the s ;).

[size=18pt]We the jury find the defendant not guilty[/size]

Yay, I’m free ;D!

They’re known as Spaghetti Westerns here and I’ve always used that term to talk about them. I only recently discovered Italians found it an offensive term

i must say that i was always somehow proud to call them "spaghetti westerns"
later i found out, that it is derogatory to some people (like Morricone for instance)

I like to call them Euro Westerns! 8)

Yes, but as far as I know that also includes German, Spanish and British westerns

Yes, you’re right Scherp!.But it just that i like the word Euro instead of Spaghetti, connected with westerns. Spaghetti to me belongs with meatballs, sauce etc. ???

Spaghettis, although I include Spanish westerns within that title. Spags if I’m texting, not to be confused with that delicious dish Spag Boll! :wink:

You text about Spaghetti Westerns? :o

Spaghetti westerns.

Life’s complicated, when I was a kid they were just Cowboy films (filmes de cowboys e indios) regardless of where they were made, Almeria or New mexico it was all the same.

Spaghetti westerns. It doesn’t sound brutish to be, I think it’s a awesome term to describe my favorite genre.