What's your favorite Superhero Hero/Comic Book Adaptation?

Title of the thread says it all.

I personally like Tim Burton’s Batman. I also love the underrated Punisher: War Zone.

Batman (1966)

Batman (1966)

Superman 2. Reeve gets into the part and is more relaxed, with some memorable action.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Fantastic movie

So was Batman 66

Always liked comic books and Superhero’s, but not specially fun of Superhero’s films, by the contrary. IMO its from Manga comics that the best film adaptations have come out.

Ichi the killer

Lone wold and cub


American Splendor

V from vendetta and An history of violence weren’t bad films also

And Old Boy. Even better, one of the best films ever. I always forget that it is based on a comic.

The Dark Knight
Superman 2 (Richard Donner cut)
Story of Ricky

didn’t know Oldboy is based on comics
Ichi the Killer is very good, dunno if one of my favs, i should rewatch it
but, if i should choose favorite one - maybe Crow from Proyas (which imo is better then James O’Barr comics)
Road to Perdition, hm, hm, maybe …
Batman from Burton

I haven’t finished the Old Boy comic, but based on what I read, the film is a lot better.


I also gotta go with 1966’s Batman, then Lester’s Superman 2.


[size=18pt]DREAM TEAM ![/size]

In Living Color

[size=10pt]DREAM TEAM 2[/size]

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:15, topic:2999”]http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/259/batman1966montage1.jpg/

[size=18pt]DREAM TEAM ![/size][/quote]

no dream team - batdog and batkid are missing (i don’t count Robin, he is adoslescent, but i want annoying obnoxious six year old kiddo)

There were no dogs and kids in the Batman series I grew up with, just Batman, Robin and super villains.
My favorite then was The Joker, later of course Cat Woman, preferably played by Julie Newmar (look to the left, that’s Julie too)

Cat Woman is still a favorite, but I don’t like the Joker anymore. Too … I-don’t-know-what, just too. Today I would go for The Pinguin as the real menacing lunatic. Mean, lean and keen.

after few sessions with Nolan’s Dark Knight it is charted as no.1 now
Burton’s Batman returns somewhat loses few places (weak ending)
Catwoman is on the top though, but in different chart (something like “who the fuck directed this shit” chart)

I also like Chris Nolan’s films but the first Burton film is tops for me.

I also like Blade II and Kick ass.

I like the 78 Superman film but wasn’t too craxy about the deux ex machina.

I saw the Amazing Spiderman recently and I thought it was just as good as the first Raimi film, although I still think it idiotic to reboot the franchise so quickly.