What's your desktop background look like

Just curious to know what some of you have for a background image. Mine looks like this.

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star trek posters constatly replaced with SW posters and sometimes even some glorious babe from the 50´s

At the moment I have this vintage girl with a whip :slight_smile:

As always plain dark blue, darker than navy. Everything else tends to hurt my eyes.


[quote=“chuck connors brother, post:4, topic:2917”][/quote]Near enough the same, never bothered to change it.


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yargh, ńow that´s something, scherp - almost like ending in the movie Quiet Earth

Quiet Earth? ending? Maybe that’s the idea behind it.

One of my favourite writers, Elias Canetti, repeatedly said that he thought death was unfair, dishonest. It felt to him like being betrayed by the universe he was thrown in.

When I was young, and first read these ideas, I thought they were nonsense. Without death no life: we die so others, our offspring, can live on. But later I started thinking about this ‘betrayal’: How can the universe live on without me? I know, it was there before I was born, so technically there’s no problem, but yes, it’s unfair: if it didn’t want me to live forever, why create me in the first place?. At least it would have saved me the bad experience of dying.

Its almost always horror related. Right now its the movie poster of Horror of Dracula.