What's up brothers !?

Hi all i’m MG Lerox your friend from Kung Fu movies world ;D

Anyway i hooked up in Spag’s when i saw that some of my favorite actors from Yugoslavia actually acted in them (Gidra, Milan Srdoc). Anyway could anyone give me list of top 10 films that i must see, and top 10 most wanted rares (it’s always to know what rares are wanted ;))

Thanks in advance


Hello and welcome, here’s 40 must-see films :slight_smile:


rarities are more difficult, personally I’m looking for Vamos a matar Sartana but mainly english versions of films available in Italian only at the moment such as Garter Colt for example.

Great list, i gotta go to CG and grab some of those :wink:

Thanks for the help and hospitality