What to consider when going to location hunt?

I believe there are already many people here who have gone to search for the spag locations in Spain and maybe more with the interest of going there. In this topic we could discuss themes related to the location hunt. What things to take with you, what to consider etc. It would be also nice to hear personal stories about the trips, things that have happened to you, good or bad, funny or sad.

I lived in Spain for a couple of years and have done few trips, two to Castilla (2005 Villamanta, Madrid; 2010 Ciudad Encantada) two to Almería (2006 poblados and surroundings; 2010 Gabo de Gata) and one to Burgos area (2009).
Here are some points that I consider important when going there. Some of them may be obvious, but I find them relevant. I have also added some anecdotes what has happened to me on the trips.

  • A good map. When I went to look for sad hill cemetary I had a map printed from internet and it was a piece of crap although it looked fine. The dirt roads leading to the cemetary location from Santo Doming de Silos were marked wrong and I spent a long time trying to find the right road before I went to ask in the village where a nice older man came with me in the car and took me to the road. The road started from the village, but my map indicated me outside the village where there are couple other dirt roads which can take you deep to the surroundings. The man was also telling me about the times when they were filming GBU. He didn’t participate but a lot of people from the village did according to him. Said it was a big boost to a quiet small village back then.

  • The language. If you don’t speak spanish, learn some basic phrases. Locals are usually quite nice, but their english skills are normally quite weak (especially on the countryside). If you speak a bit of their language you get more help.

  • The culture. Take some time to learn about the local culture. People on the countryside are more attached to the traditions than in cities. It’s really good to know when you can get the dinner served etc.

  • Water. :slight_smile: Its good to have a good amount of water with you. On my last trip I had a big can of water and smaller bottles in a travel cool box between the backseat and front seat of the car. I also covered it with a white towel to keep it cooler. It worked quite well, although it was summer

  • A lot of sun screen. You know why. :smiley:

  • Good quality still pics of the locations. In places like Los Albaricoques it is easy to spot the locations (thanks to Manuel of the hostal Alba). And of course in poblados and hotel Sotillo it is easy, but if you go to an unmarked location you cannot rely on your memory. And patience is a good thing since a lot of time has passed and places have changed quite a bit. It is very rewarding when you finally spot the location.

  • Open mind and awareness. Last year in Almería when I was arriving to Los Albaricoues, I stopped to get some cash in Níjar. When I was at the cash machine, a car stopped behind me and a guy stepped out. He had a pistol in his hand. Well, I got a bit nervous as you can imagine. I just took the cash out and thought that there is nothing I can really do but to see what happens. I was watching my back every now and then and saw the guy going to the trunk of the car and opening it and taking out a holster. He put the pistol in his holster and started walking. Not sure what really happened, but later I saw a police station near by, so I thought the guy was a police in his leisure clothing going to work. Dont know. But it was a bit strange welcoming event. And I feel a bit sad to say this, but it might be a bit hazardous to go to bars alone as a blonde man in some areas. I have had problems with a local in Almería because of my guiri looks although I speak very good spanish. Almería doesn’t have as much tourists as the other south coast of Spain. Also, Almería is literally tierra brutal at the moment for some reasons, one of them being that the coast is one of the drug ports of Europe. But all these warnings dont mean that you shouldnt go to places like Almería. Be open minded and aware. You will find those locations that got you intrigued. You’ll also meet great people and have memorable moments.

It would be fun to hear your stories and thoughts about the location trips.

Some shades perhaps 8) .