What movie is this? (not sure if it's an actual "spaghetti" film or not

It started out with a reverend from like Virginia or Ohio finding a prostitute in a salloon who sort of befriends him right away , and ends up moving in with him to learn “a more useful” style of life with the reverend’s “houseLady helper”. Then she’s gone when he arrives at his house, to have dinner with her and his “houseLady helper”… Then he fights the salloon owner while trying to get her to come back , after that he goes to church and resigns because he failed to “turn the other cheek.” … That’s where i had to go… I tried the grit tv program schedule online but it’s listings weren’t what was actually on … And that movie-guesser website was less than worthless at figuring it out… I’d say this movie was made in like the early 60s maybe ? PLEASE HELP ME figure out the title of this movie, if you can ! :slight_smile: thanky You all for reading this post . I hope it isn’t too off topic.
Thanks!!! ~^^^°

I’m really shooting from the hip here but could it be Challenge of the MacKennas perhaps?

Your description does not match Challenge Of The MacKennas so well IMO.

Thanks for trying … That’s not the one. :sleepy: