What languages can you say "Hi, my name is..." in?

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Another useless thread!


English: Hi, my name is Carl.
Swedish: Hej, jag heter Carl.
French: Bonjour, j’mapelle Carl.
Hungarian: Szia, A navam Carl.
Thai: Sawatdi, chau cheu Carl.
German: Guten tag, ich haisen Carl
Catalonian: Hola, meu nom este el Carl (hope I got that right!).

And the Swedish “Sjörövarspråket”… if you count that as a language:
Hohejoj, jojagog hohetoteror Carl.

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[quote=“Silence, post:1, topic:2503”]Another useless thread!


French: Bonjour, j’mapelle Carl.
German: Guten tag, ich haisen Carl[/quote]

Small correction: :wink:

French: Bonjour, je m’appelle Carl.
German: Guten Tag, ich heiße Carl.

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Ok thanks, and I think I got the Thai one wrong too… must have mixed it up with something.

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Well, In spoken form most people say “j’mappelle”.

Spanish : Hola, me llamo Alex.

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Forgive my errors:

Gutten Taug, Ich Bin Pater
Hola, mellamo Pedro

and one for Silence…
Merhaba, Benim adım Peter :wink: ;D

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[quote=“korano, post:5, topic:2503”]Forgive my errors:

Gutten Taug, Ich Bin Pater
Hola, mellamo Pedro

and one for Silence…
Merhaba, Benim adım Peter :wink: ;D[/quote]
Haha ;D. Yeah I wondered what it was in Turkish!

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Russian: Sdravstvuyte, menia sowut Aleksandr.

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Just saying “Hi” seems difficult ;).

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Well it’s more “Good Day!”, “Hi” would mean “Privet!”

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Russian definitley seems like a decidedly difficult language to learn for Westerners

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I can say goodbye in Russian: “PAKA” :wink:

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Hi, my name is Simon

Hoi, mijn naam is Simon (Ik ben Simon)

Ciao, il mio nome è Simon (Mi chiamo Simon)

Ola, me llamo Simon

Guten tag, Ich heisse simon

Bonjour, je m’appelle Simon

Mar haban, ismie Simon
[size=14pt]مرحبا ، اسمي سيمون[/size]

Ni hao, wo jiao Simon

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The people who I know on the whole only tend to Hi when they are after something from me.

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G’day, my name’s Darryl. (Australian)

My name isn’t Darryl of course but if I was Australian there’s a fair chance it would be. :wink:

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Isn’t it always Bruce in Australia?

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Don’t they ask questions with answers in Australia?

Whats your favourite hobby sport?

Whats your name Bruce?

Whats your favourite colour blue?

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According to Monty Python, yes. ;D
But from experience I found that Darryl or Brett are far more common.

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Or Russel!

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