What kind of Solitaire card games do they play in the films?

I’d like to play Solitaire Spaghetti Western style :smiley: Does anyone know the names of the Solitaire variations they play in Spaghs?

In God Forgives… I Don’t Cat has been playing Solitaire and I think the bad guys were also playing that variation.

And in Django the Bastard, Django plays a variation that looks like this

Hey there! I’m a big fan of solitaire game myself, and I love trying different variations.

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I haven’t personally seen the Spaghetti Western movies you mentioned, but I’m definitely curious now to see the different solitaire games they play in them!
If you’re looking for some new solitaire games to try out, I recently discovered this cool website called joywallet.com which has a bunch of different games you can play for free. They have classic variations like Klondike and Spider, as well as some more unique games like TriPeaks and Pyramid.
I hope you find some fun new solitaire games to try out and let me know if you come across any cool variations like the ones in the Spaghetti Westerns!

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Thanks for the tip! I love playing Spider Solitaire on solitaired.com, but I’ll check out the website you recommended. Out of the solitaires I have played, Spider is my favorite, though 4 land Spider Solitaire is almost impossible to win