What Italian Western is this?

I saw this a year ago on Youtube but can’t figure out what it was called. I thought it starred Anthony Steffen but none of the synopses on Imdb or Wikipedia sound like the movie. The main actor was arrested for something and was put into jail by his brother the sheriff, I think. He was on good terms with his brother but he needed to spend time in the jail for whatever reason. The main actor would sneak out of the jail through the roof or somewhere he had to climb up to and, wearing a mask, conduct retribution and later sneak back into jail unnoticed.

This is my recollection of the basic plot but some of my recollections could be off. It may not have starred Anthony Steffen.

Sounds like it could be The Greatest Robbery in the West with George Hilton.

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Thanks for your reply, Carlos. It doesn’t seem to be it based on the review and the trailer link below.
Greatest Robbery in the West seems like a caper with an overall more serious tone by the trailer. I don’t think I have ever seen it based on your link and the trailer.

Greatest Robbery in West Trailer

Um, I’m thinking I’ve seen another with that premise, maybe a Zorro? By the way, welcome to the forum @Massimo!


Sounds like you were drunk at the time,… no?

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Thanks, Carlos. It had that masked hero element but wasn’t Zorro related.

Lone Gringo, I don’t recollect. :grinning: But seriously, I’ve seen over 150 new-to-me spaghetti westerns in the past few years and maybe only 50 or 60 I could name off the top of my head. The Leone 5 and about 10 of the Corbucci films I remember the most about.

Non è un trailer, è semplicemente la parte iniziale della bella sequenza dei titoli di testa.

Non ricordo maschere, il resto però corrisponde (fratello sceriffo compreso): sei sicuro di non accavallare due titoli?

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Carlos, Sorry. You were right in your first post! Thanks. I might have seen it as Halleluja for Django but definitely remembered it differently.

Jonathan, Thanks, that is it after all. Yes, I think I combined 2 movies and made up my own story line. :kissing_closed_eyes: The other movie I was conflating it with might have had a bandana covering the protagonist’s mouth but GRITW aka HFD was the one I was mainly thinking of.

In the fast few years I’ve seen almost exclusively Italian movies from roughly 1964 to the early 1980s starting with westerns, mondo movies, giallo, crime, cannibal horror… I’ve seen mostly westerns though and so many in a short time, with multiple names for the same movie, that it is difficult to process :scream:.

Greatest Robbery in West

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