What is your favorite SW DVD menu screen?

Please feel free to post screen captures.

The menu screen on the Fistful of Dollars BluRay blew me away - summed up exactly why I love Spaghetti Westerns - The other two are good but that one really knocked me for six! 8)

Yeah I don’t have the blu rays but I’ve seen screen shots of the menus and it looks great.

Screenshots honestly do not do them justice

(Incidentally they were the 7th time I’ve bought the dollars movies - my missus just stared at me in disbelief lol ;D)

I like the menus for the Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More special edition DVDs.

You know you are in a dedicated fan forum when… ;D

I always liked the BU Django menus.

oh yeah, the BU Django and Compañeros ones are great too.

If you picked up Blue Underground’s The Spaghetti Western Collection, the extra short film is not enough to justify an upgrade. However, if you’re still hanging on to the Anchor Bay version, you need to update with this new version immediately, if only to experience Django in the superior original Italian version. A must-see spaghetti western.

the menu from tequilla joe\hole in the forehead

Indeed, a great menu but I still prefer the one from koch’s media Death Sentence.
Beautiful. :smiley:

[quote=“Mickey13, post:11, topic:2874”]Indeed, a great menu but I still prefer the one from koch’s media Death Sentence.
Beautiful. :D[/quote]

Thats a good one too.

I seem to recall the Anchor Bay Django menu having some kind of target practice game as a special feature…

Really!? That would be cool. I was under the assumption that the BU releases were identical.

I really like the Once Upon a Time in the West with the windmill creaking. Wish it didn’t have the loud gunshot part though, otherwise it’d be the greatest as background noise to go to sleep to.

I like the style used in Impulso Records’ sagrada collection.