What is the worst SW you saw?

The Beast, White Commanche.

Have to admit I’m not a big fan of SANDOVAL, either. I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t rank very highly with me.

The Return of Shanghai Joe. I couldnt take it for more than 30 minutes but I doubt It was going to get any better

I haven’t seen them all yet, so I can’t say with certainty which is the worst. So far, I agree with Tomas. I watched The Great Adventure last weekend - and I only watched about half of the film before pulling it out. About the only thing good about this “film” is the background scenery.

Fat Boys of Trinity. You may need medication after this one :smiley: .

God, just the title of that one is awful enough

Hang on… this thread was “Worst Western” when I posted to it, not “Worst Spag”…

Of the spags I’ve seen, White Fang & the Hunter (1975) and The Last Gun (1964) stand out most prominently for all the wrong reasons. White Comanche (1968) is dreadful, but it’s also pretty f*cking hilarious.

I still maintain though that the worst Western ever is Apache Blood (1975). Makes White Comanche look like Navajo Joe.

Any trinity / goofy comedy western are the worst imo. SW are supposed to be serious. Also any kung foo SW are really bad as well

so can we as the SWDb post an official worst 20? it is time for a new top list :slight_smile:

They’re already rubbing their hands with glee! :smile:


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It will not. Score is also damn annoy…Strong candinate for weakest spaghetti ever

Not worst exactly but did not like one One gun can play - comedy version. While there is lot good individual scenes I found leaps between serious and humor very distracting. Will get forthcoming Koch br for serious version tho…

I think this thread and especially this one could serve as a basis for our bottom 20 if such thing ever came to fruition. As some people have pointed it, marketing it as our “official bottom 20” wouldn’t be very representative of the genre, but I believe we could present it as an easter egg of sorts and then it could definitely work as a curio. We could put some kind of hidden button on the Top 20 page which upon being pressed, would redirect visitors to the nether regions of the genre i.e. the Bottom 20. :laughing:

I believe every person should be allowed to post only their five most hated spaghettis. In this way, we would whittle down the number of less obvious contenders and we could then focus specifically on the real turkeys. The bottom 20 would make a lot more sense then IMHO.

see, totally forgot about that topic

My problem is that this would force me to go back to revisit a whole bunch of films I have successfully blocked out from my consciousness. Not sure I’m emotionally strong enough to delve back into Crea territory :scream: :scream: :scream:


There is a suitable episode

Arizona Colt Returns: I love Anthony Steffen but Jesus, this is his worst spagh. It was nice to see Double Whisky again but instead of the cool, cheeky Arizona Colt, we have a sexist, boring Arizona Colt. And the love story was so forced and there was nothing romantic about it unlike in the real AC. The theme song is catchy but the lyrics are so dumb and the song just doesn’t fit into the atmosphere of the film.

Aquasanta Joe: BOORING. If someone asked me to explain the plot of the film, I couldn’t because I don’t remember. The only reason I watched the film is that someone on this forum mentioned that the main actor trips and falls at one point, and now that scene is the only thing that comes to my mind when I hear someone mention Aquasanta Joe

I didn’t like Boot Hill the first time I saw it but now I’ve grown to like it. It’s still the worst film of the trilogy but I’d gladly watch it anytime


White Comanche is the second worst one that I’ve ever seen. There is one worse but it was so bad that I have completely flushed the memory of it from my brain. I just remember that it exists. Maybe it will dawn on me someday when I see it mentioned.

But, in this case, William Shatner playing twin brothers in his over the top style of acting was just too much.

Joseph Cotten…why?

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It’s not only boring but shoddy … never made it past the first 20 minutes, I decided I wasn’t going to miss much :wink:

There are so many bad ones, that it’s really hard to choose … but I’ll say ‘Man of the East’ is right up there … amazing too that it got an international release, probably because of the success of the ‘Trinity’ films … but it’s so unfunny and tiresome, that the ‘Trinity’s’ are genius by comparison.

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Something that has always struck me about Barboni. He began his solo directing career with a solid spaghetti western drama in The Unholy Four…at least I enjoy it though I know not everyone does. Then comes the success of the Trinity movies and it’s nothing but comedies from there on out. Given his prior involvement as a cinematographer with some true classics in the genre, I really have to wonder what would have happened if he had tried his hand at a few bit more serious films.

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I bought Django Nudo the other day. This is now, by far, the worst I’ve seen. Makes any Crea movie look like a wet dream. Horrendous in every aspect.