What is the prettiest SW location?

What are your favorite locations shown in the films? If we’re talking about towns, my vote goes to Desert City from Django the Bastard. I just find it very beautiful, especially the church


My favourites are the abandoned town in $10,000 Blood Money, and basically the entirety of The Great Silence


I like almost anything when it is nicely shot. Even some sand pits look cool. :smiley: It is often really just a matter of style.

The Alps in The Specialist are ofc beautiful.

That gave me an idea. Is there any spaghetti western with a lake or a waterfall and maybe a hero using a kayak like in Winnetou movies? :thinking:


Oh, there are so many I love. My favourite town set is probably Golden City in Hoyo de Manzanares (the principal town in FoD). Sadly, there’s almost nothing left of it.

The Finca El Romeral is a fantastic hacienda type building set in an absolutely stunning location.

The whole area “behind the petrol station” of Las Salinillas is very special to me. Whenever I visit Tabernas you can be sure I’ll drive to the rim of the flat area behind that gas station, with some SW soundtrack playing on the car stereo, and just take in this view for a few minutes:

The Agave alley in Aguas Calientes always had a special appeal in FAFDM. And for some reason already as a kid I wondered where the location of Shorty’s hanging in GBU would be, and if I’d ever visit it. :LOL:

As Any Gun Can Play is my favourite film, I’ll have to mention the most spectacular location of that film as well:

Another location from AGCP I always wanted to visit (the railway bridge) turned out to be rather bleak and eerie in real life as there were the skeletal remains of at least a dozen sheep or goats strewn about the place. I wonder what happened there.

I believe there’s a Spanish “mountain men” western with some canoeing, but I can’t remember which one. Other than that I can only think of The Trap, if that qualifies as a Eurowesten at least. As for true Spaghetti Westerns with canoeing I draw a blank.


My favorite is the former long time mystery location of the ESPERANZA railway station in Navajo Joe, which I and my wife visited a year ago after its discovery by a Spanish Granada citizen around Aug 2021 or so. It was probably trickier than expected since there is no station there anymore, and I assume this location never has been used in another SW.

When you have looked for a certain location a long time I think it becomes extra special and when you finally can visit it, a sort of mission seems fulfilled.

Viva ESPERANZA ! (located near Ontígola about 60 km:s south of Madrid).


For me, it’s Cave Studios.


No expense spared!


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The absolute eye candy that is the quarry by the airport, in A Stranger in Town.


The opening vista of ‘For A Few Dollars More’ (El Tablazo) is gorgeous…and is also used in ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’.

It definitely holds a very special place in my heart.

To have the title ‘For A Few Dollars More’ superimposed over this location, along with the credits and Sergio’s immortal name, does, I believe, speak volumes for why Leone chose this landscape to open his film.

The blood-red opening and closing book-ends, the superb Ennio Morricone score accompanied by a heavenly choir, and the hidden sharp-shooter absolutely decimating the credits - as if at a fair-ground - enhances the magic of this ‘God-forsaken landscape’.

When I last visited the location, in 2009, I acquired a few of the beautiful reddish/orange stones that are scattered around the area - they are now in my ‘Almeria Artifacts’ display cabinet at the moment - mementos of a stand-out Sergio Leone location.


It has a charm

Bullets dont argue ghost Town was beautiful
Honestly almost any film set in tabernas desert looks beautiful
And the Low budget films have a charm despite bad locationwork in some of them (Fidani films for example)


My heart is in Camposecco. The first choice if you wanted to shot a stagecoach assault or a Mormon colony.

As a plus the place is still intact, even more than some of the beautiful Spanish landscapes, because it is part of the natural park of Monti Simbruini.

Movies: Lo chiamavano Trinità, Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità, Preparati la bara!, Keoma, I giorni dell’ira, E per tetto un cielo di stelle, Faccia a faccia, Gli fumavano le Colt… lo chiamavano Camposanto, Se incontri Sartana, prega per la tua morte, Buon funerale amigos!… Paga Sartana, Mannaja and more than 30 other westerns.


I find most of the SW locations fascinating and amazing to look at; some of the spots Fidani filmed at were also quite beautiful looking, even if some of the films were cringe worthy.

Can’t really say one location is better than another, and there’s very few locations that I can think of that are poor looking. Maybe some of the Fidani villages, but I don’t think that counts.


To me these are Almeria in Tabernas (Spain) and New Mexico (in USA )