What is the name of this movie?

This is a movie about gold being shipped, in a strong box, in a wagon. There is also a jail wagon and I think it was for women prisoners. There is an ambush and the strong box with the gold is taken. The gold was not in the strong box though. The gold is what the bars of the jail wagon were made of and painted over. So the gold was in fact not stolen after all.

At the end of the movie one guy asks the other guy why he is not upset about the gold having been stolen and he goes over to the wagon and scrapes the paint off one of the bars to reveal that it is made of gold.

What is the name of this spaghetti western?

I have definitely seen that one, but I am not so sure.

It could be this one https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Anda_muchacho,_spara!

But there’s a chance I am having trouble remembering

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I think it could be The Stranger Returns. Uomo, un cavallo, una pistola, Un - The Spaghetti Western Database

I do not think it was a Spagetti western. I have seen the movie as well in the past (must have been more then 20 years ago). I can see the picture in front of me when they scrape the black pain of the bars with a big knife,
In the end the hero and one woman ride away with the jail carriage.

I can not find the movie;.I tought it was in the direction of Kenny Rogers with his “Gambler” series.It was a B-move or a TV movie in my recollection.

It sounds like it could be The Stranger Returns or possibly even the proto-spaghetti western, Vera Cruz, although that doesn’t have the gold being used to fashion a wagon. The gold is hidden within a compartment in the wagon. My best would be The Stranger Returns.

I’m almost positive it’s The Stranger Returns. Here’s a quick couple of screengrabs of a villainous hombre pulling the fake panels off of the stagecoach to reveal the gold beneath:

The Stranger Returns stars Tony Anthony as the titular “Stranger”… You also mention women prisoners - is it possible you’re thinking there of Blindman (Baldi, 1971) which also stars Tony Anthony in the title role, and you’ve maybe merged the memory of two prominent Tony Anthony movies into one?

Yup, I immediately thought of The Stranger Returns as soon as the painting over the wagon was mentioned. Not unless there are other spaghetti’s where that happens.

But it’s not the bars but the whole walls of the coach in the Stranger Returns. I think ElmerFudd is right here and it’s not a spaghetti western.

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Pixiecowchick’s description resembles in some points Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent’s Condenados a vivir, Cut-Throats Nine. No female prisoners, though, just men and one woman, and no bars but chains and shackles made of gold. I guess LooneyElmerFudd and Bill_san_Antonio are right.

The description rings a bell but I seem to be drawing a blank on the title. I know I just recently saw this.

Thank you to everyone for your responses. I am sure it will reveal itself in 2017!

If anyone is still interested, I believe it is Desperate Women 1978 - with Dan Haggerty and Susan Saint James.

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