What is the best SW soundtrack?

As a full record, not just because there are a few good compositions.

My first thought when I read your post was: “Once upon a time in the west
I know, I know… this is not really a groundbreaking answer :’>
But let me elaborate~

I bring that specific soundtrack up for two reasons.
Neither being “because I like the film”

  1. I actually started listening to this soundtrack before I ever saw the film.
    This to me means that the music is strong enough to stand on its own, without having to lean on fond memories of the film experience to leave an impression.

  2. At noon everyday I take an hour walk with my dog Joe.
    With many soundtracks, just like you said, I have a few compositions saved in different playlists.
    But with this one, I start the first track and then just leave it to play through the entire soundtrack for the entire walk.
    It’s so solid all the way through!

(that being said though its not my favorite SW soundtrack ^.~ but I do think its one of the best)


Look here



Great answer. I’ve listened dozens of SW soundtracks and most of them when I’m jogging or hiking. They are absolutely great for the great outdoors. Only soundtrack that I’m trying to avoid is Navajo Joe, because it stick to your head for months and months.

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