What is a serious or inappropriate Spagh scene that has made you laugh?

I’m the kind of person who laughs a lot, sometimes to things that shouldn’t be laughed at. This also applies to Spaghetti Westerns because some serious scenes have made me laugh.

I wheezed a little too hard when Anthony Steffen faceplanted into a bucket full of water in Shango. I was totally feeling for my boy Shango, because the man was in a bad shape, but something about that part of the film made me laugh. I still feel bad for laughing.

Another scene that wasn’t funny but made me giggle was when the bad guys are dragging Keoma through the town. The song combined with the slow-motion imagery makes the scene a little too dramatic in my opinion. Again, I felt really bad for laughing.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has laughed at serious Spagh scenes. Do you have any experiences about this?

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I am afraid that a lot of Keoma makes me laugh even though I think it is a great movie. It is that music beyond a doubt.


“Yeaah… I’m here… infront of theese… men”


Ah man. I know one that’s funny because of some lower-rent than the norm dubbing. Cry of Death, 1968 obscure spaghetti entry, Glenn Saxson is a incompetent detective, Gordon Mitchell is a hired gun. Normal stuff. There’s this otherwise great scene (especially in the Italian dub) that begins the third act, and is the source of the film’s infamous alternate title (Lynching). The film’s living Mcguffin (a squatter) is being strung up by the henchman of a rancher, and the man’s brother has to climb a greased pole to try and cut him down. The scene ends how you’d expect but in the english dub the brother has the most incredulous “No!”, I’ve heard in a good while. That film’s english dub is all sorts of corny but that scene takes the cake.


Only one I can remember. Early on in The Hills Run Red when he gets in his knees and screams and then someone starts shooting at him. Can’t remember the scene exactly but I remember it just seeming to be like something out of a comedy and it inadvertently made me laugh a bit.


Steffen’s dive-and-shoot acts. Steffen’s chimney stunt in Gentleman killer.