What "Great" movie do you not like?

(Bluntwolf) #21

It was a big hit in Germany and made Julia Roberts a star !!! I won’t ever understand this !!!

(Phil H) #22

True, it was very popular worldwide. No accounting for taste.

Speaking of which:

Surely this award must go to Titanic!
The biggest load of pony I have had the misfortune to sit through.

(Bluntwolf) #23

True, true !!! Another one of DiCaprio’s movies I don’t like !

(Phil H) #24

3 hours of my life I would dearly like back.

(DutchEngstrom) #25

[quote=“Phil H, post:22, topic:644”]True, it was very popular worldwide. No accounting for taste.

Speaking of which:

Surely this award must go to Titanic!
The biggest load of pony I have had the misfortune to sit through.[/quote] You gotta admit, tho, that guy falling off the back of the boat and hitting the propellor was pretty funny. TTTTINGGG! LOL

(Dorado) #26

[quote=“Phil H, post:22, topic:644”]Surely this award must go to Titanic!
The biggest load of pony I have had the misfortune to sit through.[/quote]

To this date I have never watched this piece of mainstream crap, and I’m sure I never will either unless I’m put in a straitjacket.

(ENNIOO) #27

I can say aswell I will never watch this film.

(Søren) #28

No, Titanic is a movie I’ll also never watch… But I don’t think you are allowed to call it crap unless you actually sat through it, Dorado :slight_smile:

(DutchEngstrom) #29

So, you three are the one’s who didn’t see it.

(Cian) #30

I had to take an old girlfriend to see Titanic. I did think the actual sinking was quite impressive but the rest was an overlong trawl into the depths of vomit inducing crap. And that wretched song…

(Silver) #31

I guess that’s true! One of the reasons i haven’t really posted in this thread is because, scanning thru it, i don’t think i’ve seen any of the mentioned films. I do also think that with a lot of films tho, you can tell whether you’ll like them or not…(for me this includes the new Star Wars trilogy, all the Harry Potter films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy…and Titanic!).

As for “great” films. Well, i remember being forced to sit thru Gone With The Wind and Wizard Of Oz as a kid and hating both of them. Both syrupy, over acted, overblown and definitely overrated…

(Jack Burns) #32

Never really cared for The Matrix, either. Never seen Harry Potter or read a single line of a Harry Potter book. The Da Vinci Code is another big box office winner I never watched.

I tend to watch movies with certain people in them or definitely avoid movies with certain people. Maybe we should start a thread on the most hated film stars…? Mine are (in no particular order) Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Leonardo diCaprio, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and I really don’t care for John Travolta any longer. (Once you get into that Scientology crap, I pretty much write you off. )

I tolerated a pathetic performance from Keanu in Dracula only because Gary Oldman was in the film.

(me) #33

Actually Wizard of oz at the time had some great special effects and when I was a kid I hated as well but when I got order I started to love it.

(Søren) #34

Yeah but neither of them are “Great” movies just big box office ones as you say. Never really cared about the Matrix, don’t understand the Harry Potter hype, sure they are probably great reading if you’re 12 but seing 18+ year olds rambling along about them beats me. Have never read a line but the Potter movies are kids movies, for kids about 14 and down. The Da Vinci Code is just an over-hyped movie and book I’m sure… May have shocked some but nothing shocking in it really, so the Bible doesn’t tell the whole story, well duh.

(Phil H) #35

I have read a couple of the Harry Potter books to my youngest kids (my wife and I read to them a lot) and I have to say that although J K Rowling has created a great little world for kid’s fiction she badly needs an editor who has the power to tell her when she is waffling for no point. These books are just too damn long for no reason. The stories are fine but cut a couple of hundred pages out of them and they would be far better for it. I think she has become so powerful because of the number of books she has sold that no one at the publishers dares criticise.
Having said all that, I must agree that I can’t see the attraction for an adult to read these books for themselves no matter what. They are strictly for kids.

(Sebastian) #36

2001 A Space Odyssee

(valenciano) #37

well, coming back to this topic.
one movie i never cared much for is Taxi Driver by Scorsesse. Yes De Niro is good, but the movie is just not for me. The same for scorsesse´s goodfellas, which is not that fine in my eyes.
have to see raging bull to see if scorsesse made any movie i like.

(Bad Lieutenant) #38

I recommend After Hours, great black comedy. His best is probably Casino. Excellent.

(Phil H) #39

Man Valenciano, you don’t like Taxi Driver or Goodfellas? You are hard to please! :wink:
Seriously though, they are two of Scorcese’s best. If you don’t like them I don’t know if you’ll like any of his stuff. Although I agree with Bad Lieutenant, Casino is very good. And Raging Bull is right up there.

(valenciano) #40

I have my hopes in Casino. My problem with Goodfellas is, that too less happenend in too many time(and that coming from a guy, for whom neither once upon a time in the west nor once upon a time in america could been long enough).
I mean the actors are great(joe pesci)but it is so clear what will happen. the good ol mafia that doosn´t deal with drugs because they are bad, haha. of course it had its moments(ray liotta on the last days when he is high and does not see he is followes)but i think a movie that showed this high rise deep fall much better was blow.
taxi driver: yes society is bad and we have soddom and gomohra on earth, blabla. he is a psycho period. hmmm maybe i am a bit too harsh and need to rewatch both, but they are hyped because of either the cool lines by de niro; or for example the long tracking shot in goodfellas.

and i am not hard to please, maybe its just scorsesse, but I dont feel the atmosphere in his films.