What French dvds come with English dubs?

I just read that the French dvd of The Stranger And The Gunfighter comes with an English dub. Unfortunately, when you choose the dub you have to endure French subs, but that’s easily fixed with dvdshrink or something. Are there any other dvds released in France (or anywhere else for that matter) that have this option?

There is also a Hong Kong Shaw bros. release
i have ordered it and it’s on it’s way

I added it :


[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:2, topic:111”]There is also a Hong Kong Shaw bros. release
i have ordered it and it’s on it’s way[/quote]
it’s turned up but it’s not a Hong Kong release but a U.S one with similar packaging

[quote=“Fredge, post:3, topic:111”]I added it :

I checked this for the box with Keoma/django/quien sabe/4 of apocalypse. Does anybody own this DVD? Are the movies uncut(especially Django, which im in germany and mostly using amazon did not find). On the french amazon the box just cost 29€, which sounds very good. Since i don´t speak french and their is not much info on the side anyway(at least for me) i want to know anything about this box.
Thanks, this is a great side and seems to be a nice forum too.
greetings valenciano
i am talking about this box:

I think they are uncut. the same as the individual releases. unfortunately sundances.net is missing information. i would say that IF that disc has english audio, it is probably with forced french subtitles…
you might wanna post this again at the webboard (find it in our links section), maybe there are frenchpeople there

I guess its a collection of the single releases. I have to ask someone who speaks french anyway to get more information. Well forced subs would be bad, but they have english and italian audio as written for the single or double releases. Thats what i could tell from the amazon site. The webboard is a bit confusing to me. Do i just start a new post or are there existing ones??? If i get the dvd i´ll tell about the audio settings. Thanks

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There’s a French Hannie Caulder DVD, that could only be obtained together with a French Movie magazine; this one is excellent quality and has English audio. Hard to come by though, I suppose…