What Film Are You Watching Tonight?


The Suspiria remake. Just looking at the runtime I know it’s going to be a total bore.

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Trying to decide between my Blu Rays of Black Jack or Oggi a Me…Domani a Te!, or my DVDs of La Morte non Conta di Dollari or Sonora for my viewing either tonight, Friday, or Saturday. I plan to write about all of them in my blog at some point.

I’m considering Antonio Marghrettis THE LAST HUNTER, haven’t seen it in 8 years or something. Don’t even remember if I liked it. Any fans of it here?

Watched it for the first time a few months ago … it’s not exactly good, in the traditional sense of the word, but it is oddly compelling - Got through it all in one sitting … there’s enough low budget thrills and spills to keep it moving along. :smiley:

In the “real world”, it would get a 3/10 … but with it’s SW connections, to a genre fan, it’s worth 6/10.


Didn’t get myself time to watch it, but will try again tomorrow. Thanks! It’s whorth a rewatch.

Josey Wales!

Definitely my favourite US Clint Western.


I quite liked it, too, but I tend to like everything Marghertti made. I remember it being a sort of Apocalypse Now meets The Deer Hunter. Obviously not quite in the same league as those films. :wink: