What Film Are You Watching Tonight?

(ENNIOO) #8041


A shy 12 year old who has trouble at school and likes to watch horror films one day finds a human head in his older brothers bedroom. This is the start of the young boys journey. Fascinating to watch, really gets a grip on you in that low key horror way. Although not all about gore, there are some tough scenes involving gore.

(ENNIOO) #8042

We Still Kill The Old Way.

Ian Ogilvy returns from Spain to find who killed his brother. Ogilvy is a retired gangster who takes on a horrible street gang with the help of a few of his ex gangster chums. Great seeing Ogilvy in a lead role again, and although he does some nasty things he has a sense of charm about his character. No great film, but very enjoyable stuff for this viewer.

(gringo_bastardo) #8043

Plot of fear ( giallo ) and man called apocalypse joe.

(ENNIOO) #8044

A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970).

All about the gangster Pretty Boy Floyd and how he became a gangster. The first part of the film I preferred more before Floyd became a bit to big for his boots so to speak. For the budget it sometimes captures the Bonnie and Clyde atmosphere, but is not a patch on that film. An ok film to pass the time though.

(Mickey13) #8045

The Social Network (2010) by David Fincher.

(titoli) #8046

Well not exactly tonight, but last night when I was at the cinema I saw posters for two movies that I am going to see.

First one is Shaun the Sheep: The Movie.

My kid and me are going to have a blast.

Second one is The Gunman.

It seems that everybody else is doing it nowadays, but Sean Penn as an action hero? Fuck it, I got to see THAT.


Going through to my ever growing watch pile, i had forgotten i had this.

The Devil with Seven Faces (1971)-Will give it a go.

(El Cangaceiro) #8048

Cannon for Cordoba (1970).

I got this movie for a long long time, but never watched. From what I’ve have seen on the internet, sounds like a western movie with macaroni combat influences… I will finally give it a try tonight.

(ENNIOO) #8049

Welcome to the forum by the way El Cangaceiro :slight_smile: .

(El Cangaceiro) #8050

thanks amigo ;D

(sartana1) #8051

Tonight at the New Beverly Cinema: A Bullet for Sandoval and Cut Throats Nine. If your in the LA area see you there!

(ENNIOO) #8052

Are they showing the longer cut of A Bullet for Sandoval ?

(sartana1) #8053

Says 105 mins on the calendar. Not sure which version that is

(Deep South) #8054

Lucky duck, a real revival cinema in your area!

We watched Roger Corman’s A Bucket Of Blood tonight. Hilarious; ought to be required viewing for art students.

(sartana1) #8055

Tonight at the Billy Wilder theater in LA: Double feature… White Zombie and Ouanga (very rare). 35mm prints restored by the UCLA Film Archive. tomorrow they’re screening The Crime of Dr Crespi. Another rare film with Erich von Stroheim, which I wont be able to attend :frowning:


(Asa) #8057

Just about to sit down to:

Billed as “The first ever Iranian Vampire Western”. I hope it delivers.

(sartana1) #8058

Very cool poster at least… Tonight watching Caltiki. Ordered the italian DVD which is supposed to be widesceeen. The other one I have looks awful.


Housebound (2014) -A New Zealand Horror film with good humor in it.

(Lorenzo) #8060

Yes, indeed! You should also try New Zealand’s What We Do in the Shadows!