What DVDs and/or Videos Are You Getting For Christmas?

With less than two weeks to go before Christmas, what DVDs and videos are you getting?

I’ll be getting (apart from quite a lot of videos that I have foregotten the titles of):

[b]Rear Window
Shadow of Doubt
The Trouble With Harry

Laurel & Hardy 21 Disc Collection that includes:

A Chump At Oxford
A Tribute To The Boys
Along Came Auntie (Hardy Solo)
Another Fine Mess
Any Old Port
Bacon Grabbers
Be Big
Be Big, Laughing Gravy (Combined French Version LES CAROTTIERS)
Beau hunks
Below Zero
Berth Marks
Big Business
Bohemian Girl
Brats (Original Version)
Busy Bodies
Call Of The Cuckoo
Chickens Come Home
Come Clean
County Hospital
Dirty Work
Do Detectives Think?
Double Whoopee
Duck Soup
Early To Bed
Fluttering Hearts
Flying Elephants
Forty-Five Minutes From Hollywood
From Soup To Nuts
Going Bye-Bye
Habeas Corpus
Hats-Off - Stills Gallery
Hinter SchloB U Riegel (PARDON US German Extracts)
Hog Wild
Laughing Gravy
Leave 'Em Laughing
Love ‘Em And Weep
Me And My Pal
Men O’War
Night Owls
Oliver The Eighth
On The Loose
On The Wrong Trek
One Good Turn
Our Relations
Our Wife
Pack Your Troubles Up
Pardon Us
Perfect Day
Putting Pants On Philip
Sailors Beware
Saps At Sea
Should Married Men Go Home
Slipping Wives
Sons Of The Desert
Sugar Daddies
Swiss Miss
That’s My Wife
The Battle Of The Century
The Chimp
The Finishing Touch
The Fixer-Uppers
The Hoose-Gow
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
The Live Ghost
The Midnight Patrol
The Music Box
The Second Hundred Years
Their First Mistake
Their Purple Moment
Them Thar Hills
They Go Boom
Thicker Than Water
Thundering Fleas
Tit For Tat
Towed In A Hole
Twice Two
Two Tars
Unaccustomed As We Are
Way Out West
We Faw Down
Why Girls Love Sailors
With Love And Hisses
Wrong Again
You’re Darn Tootin’[/b]

WB Film Noir Collection Vol. 4


Nice. I’ve read that The Big Steal is excellent.

Like THE BIG STEAL and THEY LIVE BY NIGHT a lot. The only other one i’ve seen is WHERE DANGER LIVES, which is pretty good too. The rest are all new to me.

Out of the Laurel & Hardy collectin, I have seen 44 out of 93, but never on DVD.

Sounds like you’re in for a lot of fun. ;D

I will be, but as the family will be around on Christmas day, I doubt I’ll get a chance to watch them :’(

By the way, Spaghetti Monkey, do you like Laurel and Hardy?

It’s actually one comedy team i haven’t seen much of as yet, but i do have friends who like 'em quite a bit. I’m sure i’ll catch up with them and form an opinion one of these days. I mostly watched Abbott and Costello growing up and that’s still my go to.

I almost foregot to mention–I’ll be getting my first Abbott & Costello film on DVD for Christmas, Africa Screams.

I’ll offer to myself some of the double features from WildEast:

Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows / Django Meets Sartana
Kill or Be Killed / Kill the Wicked!
Forgotten pistolero / The unholy four
Django the last killer / Hate thy neighbour
Clint the Nevada stranger / There’s a noose waiting for you Trinity!

They should arrive next week.

It’s great, isn’t it, when you give presants to yourself?

Yeah! I’m not a “surprise” guy. I know what I want, so… ;D

Get it! :slight_smile:

I ordered the Inglourious Basterds Blu Ray… should get to my house by friday

My wife is planning on getting me Inglourious Basterds 2-disc and Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut… my wife rules.

Well i usually get money from my dad so, since i focussed on Giallo stuff on my birthday, it’ll be westerns this time. Probably mop up the Wild East stuff that i don’t have or have a dvdr of and then get the 3 lastest Dorado releases. If there’s anything left over i’ll mop up the Koch stuff i need to have the complete rainbow set…even if one of those is Run Man Run, which obviously i already have (and couldn’t finish watching!). Oh and having read Phil’s interview, that Brett Halsey book will hopefully get squeezed in too.