What book are you reading tonight?

(I...I...Idiot) #461

I’m reading in ebook form, I just make sure I add the coolest cover available. 8)

The book is pretty good so far. But it’s around 700 pages so I’m digging in on this one. The original has a foreward from Christopher Lee himself which is pretty cool. My version does not :frowning:

He talks about he & Dennis Weatley being very pleased with the movies as well. Not so much with To The Devil A Daughter. They also mention how the named was changed in the US because American’s are stupid enough to think that the Devil Rides Out would be a Western :smiley:

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(Gringo!) #463

David Drake is a pretty strange sci-fi writer, it’s intense military sci-fi with a heavy dose of technical babble and heavy load of nihilistic Darwinism. What makes it work for me is he is self admittedly from the school of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft, every story even his Hammer Slammers series has an extremely grim and cruel final punchline. I hate to say I’ve read some stories from him I’d describe as the work of a hack writer but when he’s on its bizzare, straight faced brutal sci-fi war stories. I AM FUCKING CONVINCED the space marines from Cameron’s Aliens are from Hammers Slammers and not Starship Troopers. Drake at his best is uncompromisingly brutal, unflinchingly grim.

(tomas) #464

looks interesting this fella Drake, never heard of him and i’m into sf
anyway, i’m reading IT from Stephen King

(I...I...Idiot) #465

So far, eh. the stories are a bit more abstract in their horror than I like.

(AceHigh) #466

Luck by Max Brand. The film Shoot First and Pray You Live (2008, Doty) was inspired by this one.

(AceHigh) #467

Crossroads by Max Brand.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #468

I read about 700 or so pages of IT about 20 years ago and never finished it for some reason. It’s the only King novel from that era that I struggled with really.

(Mickey13) #469

Just started this:

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(AceHigh) #471

North Pole Legacy by S. Allen Counter. A good read primarily about Admiral Peary, his Black assistant, Matthew Henson, and the children those two sired during their years in Greenland.

(AceHigh) #472

Back to some westerns. Currently reading Nest of Vipers by Jory Sherman

(AceHigh) #473

Cold Steel by Ben Bridges

(Bill san Antonio) #474

Just started a collection of Jeeves stories by P.G Wodehouse.

(scherpschutter) #475

I found Louis L’Amour’s SHALAKO for 50 cents in a second hand shop.
It’s a Dutch translation (I prefer the original language version, so to speak), but for this price …

(AceHigh) #476

Louis L’Amour doesn’t get much critical credit, but in my book, he’s excellent. Nice pickup, scherpschutter.

(scherpschutter) #477
Louis L'Amour doesn't get much critical credit, but in my book, he's excellent. Nice pickup, scherpschutter.

Yes, I’m halfway now. Well-written novel. Because it’s a translation, I can’t judge every aspect of his style, but it looks good, even in Dutch. Clearly a man who knew how to write a story.

(greenpete) #478

I’m reading Herman Melville’s “Typee.” It’s about his sojourn living amongst friendly cannibals in the Marqueseas Islands in the 1840s. It makes you evaluate definitions of “civilization” vs. “savagery.” A great precursor (and easier to read) than his masterpiece “Moby-Dick.”

(AceHigh) #479

Welcome, greenpete.

(AceHigh) #480

A Black Horse Western - Draw Down the Lightning by Ben Bridges