What are your favourite "Hybrid" Spaghettis

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1

There has been alot of talk on this board recently about Comedy SW’s. There are of course also “Musical SW’s” like Rita of the west, “Kung Fu SW’s”, Horror/Thriller SW’s like Django Kill, Murder Mystery SWs like Price of Power and Price of Death, Historical Biography SW’s like The Man who shot Billy the Kid, War SW’s like A reason to live a reason to die, Erotic SW’s like John the Bastard, and even blaxploitation SW’s like take a hard ride.

What are your favorite “Hybrid” Spaghettis that combine two or more different genre’s.

For my taste I like Django the bastard (Horror SW), My Name is Nobody (Comedy SW), and Shanghai Joe (Kung fu SW)

(alk0) #2

John the bastard has no erotic elements

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #3

Another Thomas Weisser error I presume.

(Stanton) #4

It’s easier to find an error than to find something factual in TWs ferry book. He,he

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #5

How about Nude Django then?

Or is that another Weisser error haha.

(lonelyhunter) #6

[quote=“alk0, post:2, topic:875”]John the bastard has no erotic elements[/quote]Everything has an element of everything - the beauty of a spaghetti western is that the most powerful elemments are usually the most subtly obscure - until the end… - macho men penetrating each other is so powerfully homoerotic that even the straightest men can’t get enough…

(scherpschutter) #7

Blindman has a lot of hybrid elements:

The nudity reminded me a bit of similar scenes in those kind of highschool movies in which boys constantly stalk girls who take a shower :a highschool shower spaghetti

The theme of the blind but lethal man is taken from a japanese series with a blind samurai: blind sukiyaki spaghetti

The man is blind but apparently has the eye of an eagle, which is total nonsens: nonsensical hocus pocus spaghetti

Blindman probably penetrates more men during the movie (not only in the end) than any other spaghetti hero : homo-erotic hard penetrating spaghetti

Nevertheless he requires no less than fifty women: soft porn tease only straight spaghetti

Ringo Star is in it: being one of the two Beatles still alive he apparently has survived a spaghetti western in which he was killed; The Beatles were more popular than God, so I suppose Ringo was resurrected on the third day after shooting: supernatural reli-kitsch spaghetti western

So Blindman is a highschool shower blind sukiyaki nonsensical hocus pocus homo-erotic hard penetrating soft porn tease only straight supernatural reli-kitsch spaghetti western .

(Stanton) #8

Oh god, that’s right.
I always was sure I had a good reason to like Blindman!

(Lode) #9

Django Kill and Blindman are both 2 great films and two of my favorites. So it is hard to choose. I wouldn’t go so far and include the comedy SWs, because it is one of three SW periods ans there are many many examples. Or what do you all think?

(hutter) #10

If any SW deserves the tag “hybrid” it’s Red Sun. Hell, some folks don’t even consider it a SW, which is understandable.

(korano) #11

I like Django the Bastard for it’s gothic horror elements. Great camera work helps considerably. I like Get Mean for its mixture of fantasy and medieval movies.

(Sieglinde) #12

I like Four of the Apocalypse. It’s the strangest SW I’ve seen, and certainly a hybrid, but I liked it very much. And everyone seems to hate it… hey, it has super evil, mad, peyote addict Tomas Milian in a Jack Sparrow costume! :wink:

About erotic in SWs: hm, well, yes. Those endless gazings before the shootout… evil grin Not to mention the gay villains like White Snake, Curly, mexican gang in Django Kill shudders, and - I suspect - Stengel. He’s so… feminine.

(Silvanito) #13

I like kung fu-spaghettis like Stranger and the Gunfighter and Shanghai Joe

Haven’t seen Kung fu Brothers in the Wild West yet

I also like the musical-SW Little Rita, fun film even though most of you think it’s crap :smiley:

Btw, also good to see you Jill/ Sieglinde back these last days, you were away for some time

(Bluntwolf) #14

I also like it ! Good to see you back !

(Sieglinde) #15

Thanks. I realized SW forums are the best place on the net. ;D

(korano) #16

i always thought film noir is a good combo with a western. east meets west is ok.

(Cheyenne) #17

I Don’t know if it was a SW, but has anyone see Renegade?
One of my favorite parts is all the peyote trips. What a cool

(korano) #18

I’ve seen it. Those trips were weird! I woudn’t call it a Spaghetti Western but more a Baguetti Western. The production companies were lead by the French with Mexico and England in with it. Some Spanish locations too. A hybrid indeed.

(Cheyenne) #19

More like High-brid…

(Paco Roman) #20

[quote=“Cheyenne, post:17, topic:875”]I Don’t know if it was a SW, but has anyone see Renegade?
One of my favorite parts is all the peyote trips. What a cool
Western. [/quote]
Is Renegade the Movie with Terence Hill?

After seeing The Silent Stranger I found my favourite Hyprid Western.