What are your favourite "Hybrid" Spaghettis

There has been alot of talk on this board recently about Comedy SW’s. There are of course also “Musical SW’s” like Rita of the west, “Kung Fu SW’s”, Horror/Thriller SW’s like Django Kill, Murder Mystery SWs like Price of Power and Price of Death, Historical Biography SW’s like The Man who shot Billy the Kid, War SW’s like A reason to live a reason to die, Erotic SW’s like John the Bastard, and even blaxploitation SW’s like take a hard ride.

What are your favorite “Hybrid” Spaghettis that combine two or more different genre’s.

For my taste I like Django the bastard (Horror SW), My Name is Nobody (Comedy SW), and Shanghai Joe (Kung fu SW)

John the bastard has no erotic elements

Another Thomas Weisser error I presume.

It’s easier to find an error than to find something factual in TWs ferry book. He,he

How about Nude Django then?

Or is that another Weisser error haha.

[quote=“alk0, post:2, topic:875”]John the bastard has no erotic elements[/quote]Everything has an element of everything - the beauty of a spaghetti western is that the most powerful elemments are usually the most subtly obscure - until the end… - macho men penetrating each other is so powerfully homoerotic that even the straightest men can’t get enough…

Blindman has a lot of hybrid elements:

The nudity reminded me a bit of similar scenes in those kind of highschool movies in which boys constantly stalk girls who take a shower :a highschool shower spaghetti

The theme of the blind but lethal man is taken from a japanese series with a blind samurai: blind sukiyaki spaghetti

The man is blind but apparently has the eye of an eagle, which is total nonsens: nonsensical hocus pocus spaghetti

Blindman probably penetrates more men during the movie (not only in the end) than any other spaghetti hero : homo-erotic hard penetrating spaghetti

Nevertheless he requires no less than fifty women: soft porn tease only straight spaghetti

Ringo Star is in it: being one of the two Beatles still alive he apparently has survived a spaghetti western in which he was killed; The Beatles were more popular than God, so I suppose Ringo was resurrected on the third day after shooting: supernatural reli-kitsch spaghetti western

So Blindman is a highschool shower blind sukiyaki nonsensical hocus pocus homo-erotic hard penetrating soft porn tease only straight supernatural reli-kitsch spaghetti western .

Oh god, that’s right.
I always was sure I had a good reason to like Blindman!

Django Kill and Blindman are both 2 great films and two of my favorites. So it is hard to choose. I wouldn’t go so far and include the comedy SWs, because it is one of three SW periods ans there are many many examples. Or what do you all think?

If any SW deserves the tag “hybrid” it’s Red Sun. Hell, some folks don’t even consider it a SW, which is understandable.

I like Django the Bastard for it’s gothic horror elements. Great camera work helps considerably. I like Get Mean for its mixture of fantasy and medieval movies.

I like Four of the Apocalypse. It’s the strangest SW I’ve seen, and certainly a hybrid, but I liked it very much. And everyone seems to hate it… hey, it has super evil, mad, peyote addict Tomas Milian in a Jack Sparrow costume! :wink:

About erotic in SWs: hm, well, yes. Those endless gazings before the shootout… evil grin Not to mention the gay villains like White Snake, Curly, mexican gang in Django Kill shudders, and - I suspect - Stengel. He’s so… feminine.

I like kung fu-spaghettis like Stranger and the Gunfighter and Shanghai Joe

Haven’t seen Kung fu Brothers in the Wild West yet

I also like the musical-SW Little Rita, fun film even though most of you think it’s crap :smiley:

Btw, also good to see you Jill/ Sieglinde back these last days, you were away for some time

I also like it ! Good to see you back !

Thanks. I realized SW forums are the best place on the net. ;D

i always thought film noir is a good combo with a western. east meets west is ok.

I Don’t know if it was a SW, but has anyone see Renegade?
One of my favorite parts is all the peyote trips. What a cool

I’ve seen it. Those trips were weird! I woudn’t call it a Spaghetti Western but more a Baguetti Western. The production companies were lead by the French with Mexico and England in with it. Some Spanish locations too. A hybrid indeed.

More like High-brid…

[quote=“Cheyenne, post:17, topic:875”]I Don’t know if it was a SW, but has anyone see Renegade?
One of my favorite parts is all the peyote trips. What a cool
Western. [/quote]
Is Renegade the Movie with Terence Hill?

After seeing The Silent Stranger I found my favourite Hyprid Western.