What are your 5 favourite George Hilton SWs?

My Top Five:

  1. Quei disperati che puzzano di sudore e di morte/A Bullet for Sandoval

  2. Ognuno per sè/The Ruthless Four

  3. Il momento di uccidere/The Moment to Kill

  4. Professionisti per un massacro/Professionals for a Massacre

  5. C’è Sartana… vendi la pistola e comprati la bara!/A Fistful of Lead

  6. Le colt cantarono la morte e fu… tempo di massacro/Massacre Time

  7. La più grande rapina del West/The Greatest Robbery in the West

  8. Il tempo degli avvoltoi/Last of the Badmen

  9. Uno di più all’inferno/One More to Hell

  10. Testa t’ammazzo, croce… sei morto… Mi chiamano Alleluja/They Call Me Hallelujah

  11. Vado… l’ammazzo e torno/Any Gun Can Play

Just all the ones i’ve seen…

  1. The Ruthless Four

  2. Last of the Badmen

  3. A Bullet for Sandoval

  4. Poker with Pistols

  5. They Call Me Hallelujah

  6. Massacre Time

  7. Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin (Fistful of Lead)

  8. Kitosch, the Man Who Came from the North

  9. The Moment to Kill

  10. One More to Hell

  11. Any Gun Can Play

  12. The Greatest Robbery in the West

  13. The Crazy Bunch

  14. Red Blood Yellow Gold

  15. Return of Halleluja

  16. Macho Killers

  17. Man Called Invincible

  1. They Call me Hallelujah
  2. Massacre Time
  3. Ruthless Four
  4. Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin
  5. Bullet for Sandoval

I also like Last of the Badmen very much. Crazy Bunch is terrible film but it’s kinda guilty pleasure for me.

  1. A Bullet for Sandoval
  2. They Call Me Hallelujah
  3. Poker with Pistols
  4. Massacre Time
  5. The Ruthless Four

Weird, I can’t remember a thing from Poker with Pistols.

  1. Massacre Time.
  2. The Ruthless Four.
  3. A Bullet for Sandoval
  4. Last of The Badmen.
  5. The Moment To Kill.
  1. Massacre Time
  2. Fistful of Lead aka Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin
  3. The Moment to Kill
  4. Heads I Kill You, Tails You’re Dead! They Call Me Hallalujah
  5. Any Gun can Play

I have to admit, I’ve only seen 8 out of the 22 SWs he’s been in.

1. The Moment to Kill 2. A Fistful of Lead 3. Massacre Time 4. A Bullet for Sandoval 5. Last of the Badmen

The contenders are only nineteen, as Topic starter I inform all of you that it is strictly forbidden to include in any position in your personal list Who’s Afraid of Zorro, Holy God Here Comes the Passatore (set in the mid-nineteenth century Romagna, Italy) and Two Sons of Ringo with Franco & Ciccio! ;D

I second that ;D .

  1. Massacre Time
  2. A Bullet for Sandoval
  3. The Ruthless Four
  4. Any Gun Can Play
  5. The Moment to Kill

Always thought Hilton was playing only these lighthearted characters like “Hallelujah” but then - a few months ago - discovered and appreciated him in such serious roles like “Sandoval” and “Massacre Time”. He is a fairly competent actor IMO.

  1. The Ruthless Four
  2. Massacre Time
  3. Bullet for Sandoval
  4. Any Gun Can Play
  5. The Moment to Kill

Last of the Badmen was difficult to leave out and on another day would have made it in.

I see alot of votes for Last of the Badmen and Ruthless Four. I haven’t seen these two. Maybe worth checking out.

“Ruthless Four” is very good…

Well worth seeing both of these.

I love The Ruthless Four. Even though it borrows some elements from The Treasure of Sierra Madre and The Shooting, it manages to be both unique and gripping, the directional style is likewise sufficiently original. I haven’t seen the former one yet. I’m planning to get Koch Media DVDs of both pics.

Couldn’t stand Sandoval the first four or five times I saw it, and I just kept coming across it for some reason. I like it quite a lot now, go figure.

Partial results (9 Top Five, points are awarded on a 6-4-3-2-1 basis):

Massacre Time 31
A Bullet for Sandoval 28
The Ruthless Four 27
The Moment to Kill 15
They Call Me Hallelujah 13
A Fistful of Lead 11
Last of the Badmen 7
Any Gun Can Play 5 (3 preferences)
Poker with Pistols 5 (2 preferences)
Professionals for a Massacre 2


At this time, zero preferences for

The Greatest Robbery in the West
One More to Hell
Dead for a Dollar a.k.a. Trusting Is Good… Shooting Is Better
Kitosch, the Man Who Came from the North
Macho Killers
The Return of Halleluja
The Man Called Invincible
The Crazy Bunch
Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar

Never expected Massacre Time to be liked as much.

I thought Bullet for Sandoval was shocking, one of the worst spags i’ve seen :o