What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

Cool cover

I was going to say I owned that one, but I actually own Once Upon a Time in the West by Leroy Holmes instead!

Dust in the wind
Yes we are all dust in the wind…
I like this song. I wish that we will have more quality songs such as this nowadays. Songs that don’t just talk about people’s love life but about the realities of life.

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A Buddhist album this time, I created something that is, musically, a bit more accessible. The lyrics are from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Great job by the mastering engineer. Lovely artwork done by MontDoom. If you’re stuck home, here’s 32 minutes to kill. Enjoy :slight_smile:


well being stuck at home not difficult these days, I’ll give a try

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I like it, reminds me of Diabolos Rising but more tranquil.

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[Alice In Chains] Don’t Follow

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Amnesia • Riz Ortolani

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A tribute to the Maestro…
The last song sums it up… Here’s to you, Ennio.

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I recently contacted Filippo De Masi, son of composer, Francesco De Masi, and asked if he had a favourite piece of his dad’s music, that he would like to share, during the Coronavirus period…

At the time, Italy was desperately struggling with the Coronavirus restrictions.
Filippo, as always, was only too willing to answer anything to do with his beloved dad…

As well as wishing us all well on ‘SWDB’, this was Filippo’s reply…

" For me every dad’s work is like a son! Expecially western soundtracks! For me you can use and share all you need. One of my favorite track is this…" https://youtu.be/Y3TYVB1CHKw

Thank you, Filippo… your dad’s music lives on…Stay well.

Leading on to the fact that I’m listening to Francesco’s fantastic score to 'Kill Them All, and Come Back Alone"…


Long-time hero Bob Mould turns sixty today. I discovered Hüsker Dü in the mid-1980s, and I bought Mould’s latest album, Blue Hearts, two weeks ago. Those thirty-five years have somehow passed faster than I could have imagined when I first heard New Day Rising. A hell of a lot faster.

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