What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(James Flessas ) #4277

Im listening too , clouds about mercury , david torn, mick karn , bruford , marc Isham . All live soundboards. Miles Davis is always in heavy rotation , some great bootleg recordings .

(Mickey13) #4278

Richard Devine - Richard Coleman Devine EP (1997)

It sounds very similar to Autechre’s late 1990s glitch techno, but despite having a fair batch of glitch-y, harsh drums and lots of rhythmic, metallic swooshes, it’s far more accessible than any of Ae’s late nineties work IMO. The modular/experimental timbre Devine is known for is still very much present here, but it doesn’t overwhelm the melodic core of the record, providing some of the best ambient/melodic IDM/glitch techno that manages to be both hard-hitting as well as melodically lush. Excellent stuff. The third track is particularly amazing.

(Mickey13) #4279

Tangerine Dream - The Keep (1983)

It’s probably one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. I love the movie and I adore the music. There is this ethereal quality to it that takes the Michael Mann movie to another level. It’s too bad neither the film nor the soundtrack has gotten any proper release so far.

(Mickey13) #4280

Biosphere - Patashnik (1994)

Although it sounds admittedly more professional than Jenssen’s debut album, it is also timbrally a lot more conventional. It might have been groundbreaking at the time of its release, but on the whole, some of the tracks here have a fairly familiar, computer-game vibe to them. Decryption kinda sounds like it could be used in one of C&C games. With that being said, there is a nice selection of very nice, hard-hitting ambient techno. SETI Project, The Shield and Novelty Waves are my favorites. Microgravity is still a superior record though.

(ENNIOO) #4281

This of course :slight_smile:



I’ve always wondered, is that YouTube uploadeder Valdez244 among us on the forums?

(James Flessas ) #4283


jpegjpeg All of this , plus the entire John Zorn discog

(Waz) #4284

For the past few months I’ve gotten into Electronica music courtesy of Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester. Really enjoying Com Truise, Pepe Bradock etc. Bought three albums on vinyl the other day - The Magreban - 01DEAS, Mosam Howieson - Napalm and a EP by Anthony Naples. I’m on an all you can eat data mobile plan for Soundcloud with Three so kicking the hell out of this!!

(Mickey13) #4285

His latest album is truly fantastic, much, much better than his previous two albums, both in terms of mixing and composition-wise.

(Waz) #4286

cheers Mickey13 - I’ll check this out.
Galactic Melt his first one is out of this world.

(Mickey13) #4287

Definitely do check it out. I must say that while I merely like his earlier stuff, his new album is really something special. His style has evolved and suffice to say, I’m much more interested in what he puts out next. Iteration a bit more hi-fi than Galactic Melt or In Decay, but as for pure synthesis, mixing and song writing, Iteration is a next level record, so to speak. It really transcends the synthpop category and when you listen to it, it’s because it’s a terrific release and not because it simply happens to be “a good synthpop album” if you know what I mean.

Be sure to check out his Wave 1 EP as well. It compiles his experimentation with drum & bass (he used to be a drum & bass guy, so it figures) and electro genres in addition to his usual synthwave vibes. More syncopated and kinda more detailed, excellent stuff overall.

(Waz) #4288

absolutely will do mate, thank you!

Spaghetti Western soundtrack wise I’ve got the GDM 4119 Hillside series “They Call Me Hallelujah / The Return of Hallelujah” CD on in the car at the moment. I like this it’s a bit quirky and very catchy.

Last year I spent a small fortune on a whole load of SW soundtracks - mostly on CD. My soundtrack collection went from approx 15 CDs (mostly compilations) to probably between 40-50 titles now. One of my favourites is Navajo Joe which I ended up getting 2 copies of (different versions).

The Hillside soundtrack series is really good and I was trying to get some out the out of print titles from Discogs.
I’m giving my wallet a break for now!!! (Blue Ray film pre-releases apart)
No doubt spending will commence again in the next few months…

(ENNIOO) #4289

Pretty good chance I would say.

(Mickey13) #4290

Some releases from Shall Not Fade label:

Pascal Viscardi ‎– Last Day In Harajuku (2017)

Decent house with some catchy basslines. Kind of repetitive though.

Adryiano ‎– Not So Easy EP (2017)

A very nice house EP with some strong French house vibes. Like Glue 4 U particularly sounds creamy and warm.

Rick Wade ‎– Guardian Of Forever (2017)

Very nice Chicago house. Feels especially gives you feels and constitutes the most memorable track on the whole EP.

LK ‎– Think About It First EP (2017)

While I sort of disliked Party People and Keion EPs from this guy, this release sounds and feels different. Much less repetitive and timbrally more exciting. Overall a solid EP.

(El Topo) #4291

(ENNIOO) #4292

Not far behind the original film version of the last Dollar film theme and much better than the Morricone live versions in my view:

The other themes by the group our also top notch !

(James Flessas ) #4293

A_Fickle_Sonancececil dominicp

Thats what lol


The Master Touch,… from the Master himself.

(El Topo) #4295

29 years ago this was released

(Tom) #4296

Just found a new group(new to me) called “Greta Van Fleet”. They sound like Led Zep but got their own sound. First new group I like since 21 Pilots.