What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(Mickey13) #4122

LFO - Frequencies (1991)

Simply awesome.

(Mickey13) #4123

Clark - Clark (2014)

(Bill san Antonio) #4124

Jess Franco and His B-Band ‎– The Manacoa Experience

(Mickey13) #4125

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (1976)

(Mickey13) #4126

Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea (2010)

(Mickey13) #4127

2814 - 2814 (2014)

(Farmer_J) #4128

Blazing Magnum soundtrack. It just oozes 70’s cool.


The Best of YELLO.

(Mickey13) #4130

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems (2012)

(Mickey13) #4131

La Monte Young - The Melodic Version (1984) Of The Second Dream Of The High Tension Line

(Mickey13) #4132

Jonn Serrie - Day Star (2014)

One hour of ambient heaven. A masterpiece.

(ENNIOO) #4133

Lost Themes by John Carpenter.

Opening track was good and then all a bit so so for me. Tracks are not memorable like his film scores.

(scherpschutter) #4134

I was listening, on You Tube, to Brigitte Bardot, Harley Davidson:

(Mickey13) #4135

Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2 (1972)

(Mickey13) #4136

Steve Reich - The Desert Music (1983)

(Silver) #4137

The BellaDonna Of Sadness soundtrack

(Reverend Danite) #4138

From the little bit I’ve gleaned - sounds interesting… especially the japanese-y frenchy stylee vocals. It looks interesting as well. Is this available to see as a film?

Nice to see you again Silver.

(Silver) #4139

From what I understand it has been recently released on dvd in Japan and was recently released theatrically in the States as a precursor to a Blu Ray release. As for Europe, not heard anything. I heard the soundtrack round my neighbours house. Very good. He’s always playing me weird and wonderful stuff (as well as trying to get me to read!). Nice to “see” you again too. Now i’ll probably reappear in another 3 years or so…

(Silver) #4140

Damn…I just noticed, where the hell did my George Martin pic go!!!

(El Topo) #4141

Neil Young - Freedom

Neil Young - On the beach