What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(Mickey13) #4042

(Mickey13) #4043

Orbital - Blue Album (2004)

(Andy) #4044

Been listening to a lot of 80s Peter Gabriel lately.

(Mickey13) #4045

- Wonky (2012)

(Mickey13) #4046

AFX - Chosen Lords (2006)

(El Topo) #4047

The Pogues - "Rum Sodomy & Lash2

Great álbum this one is. Great memories from their first gig in Portugal, one of the concerts that people still talk about, legendary stuff for people of my generation.

The man they couldn’t hang - “How green is the valey”

(Mickey13) #4048

VHS Logos - Mantra (2014)

(Mickey13) #4049

Great, great stuff.

(Andy) #4050

Camel - Moonmadness. A great album by a lesser-known British prog rock band.

(El Topo) #4051

Dropkick Murphys
"Going out in style"
“Signed and sealed in blood”

I always get in a good mood lessoning to these guys, they got one of the best Xmas songs ever, well if not the best at least one of the most funny ones, that’s for sure.

(Mickey13) #4052

(Mickey13) #4053

(ENNIOO) #4054

Spot of Jon and Vangelis…Horizon:


(El Topo) #4055

Francis Lai

“Le passager de la pluie” Soundtrack

Love the film and the soundtrack

(Mickey13) #4056

(Mickey13) #4057

(Mickey13) #4058

Hot Sugar - Moon Money (2014)

(Mickey13) #4059

Hot Sugar - God’s Hand (2015)

An extraordinary album; the track entitled Sinkies is the best thing I’ve listened to so far this year.

(Mickey13) #4060

Oneohtrix Point Never & Andrew Kirschner - Heart Of A Champion (2008)

(Mickey13) #4061

Oneohtrix Point Never & Slow Listener - Split (2008)