What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(Mickey13) #4022

(Mickey13) #4023

Current 93 - Dawn (1987)

(Mickey13) #4024

DJ EZ Boiler Room London 3.5 Hour DJ Set

(Mickey13) #4025

18 Carat Affair - Adventures in Schizophrenia (2014)

(Mickey13) #4026

Oneohtrix Point Never - Memory Vague (2009)

(ENNIOO) #4027

Naples Connection main theme by Fabio Frizzi.

(Farmer_J) #4028

Bought the soundtrack CD of that. Love the disco music in the nightclub.

(ENNIOO) #4029

Yes very nice that music, great to see the score finally released after all these years as of course for a long time the score was considered lost.

(Farmer_J) #4030

There’s a copy of on Ebay at the moment. Its where I got mine from.

(Bill san Antonio) #4031

I’ve been listening Mortiis’ first release The song of of a Long Forgotten Ghost over and over again last few days.

(Mickey13) #4032

ESPRIT 空想 - 「girlsᅠonly」 (2012)

Gotta love that cover. :smiley:

(Mickey13) #4033

ESPRIT 空想 - summer night (2013)

(Mickey13) #4034


(Mickey13) #4035

Silver Richards - Volume 128 (2014)

(Mickey13) #4036

Young Muslim - This Could Be Us But U Playin (2014)

(Mickey13) #4037

(Mickey13) #4038

Current 93 - Imperium (1987)

(El Topo) #4039

Traveling, but wiith na all SW soundtrack in the car audio

Django - Luis Bacalov

and several Morricone BSO

Tepepa both Corbucci/Nero films, and both Ringo films

(TucoBene) #4040

Pete Moore Orchestra - Exciting Sounds Of Tomorrow (1970)

very nice cover ::slight_smile:

(Mickey13) #4041

Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (2010)