What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

(Asa) #2781

Going cheap in Tesco, about £1.20-odd for ten of them. We bought half a dozen boxes!

(autephex) #2782

Have just made a big cup o’ strong coffee to assist in editing together this new version of TGS 8)

To be continued with a couple strong dark beers :stuck_out_tongue:

(ENNIOO) #2783

Cheers, will get some when I am out tomorrow.

(Mickey13) #2784

(autephex) #2785

couple of beef & red chili burritos and blueberry lager

(ENNIOO) #2786

Sounds lovely !

(autephex) #2787

It was, would go for some more but the lagers are all gone :wink:

Settling for several handfuls of honey roasted peanuts instead

(Pacificador) #2788

Beef jerky!

(Farmer_J) #2789

Just finished a late dinner of chicken soup with noodles. Just the right thing to warm you up after a freezing day.


Leftover Thanksgiving turkey dinner and a few beers.

And then i’m going to watch a few grand turkeysDjango’s Cut Price Corpse’s, Django sfida Sartana, Reverend Colt, and maybe, just maybe if i’m still awake, Wanted! Johnny Texas.

(ENNIOO) #2791

Having a beer :slight_smile:

(Mickey13) #2792

(ENNIOO) #2793

Cheese butty.

(Asa) #2794

Clarke’s 1794 Bourbon Honey whiskey liqueur.

It’s basically the moody cheapo version of Jim Beam/Jack Daniels honey whiskey liqueurs, from Aldi (approx. £6-£8 cheaper than those two, depending on where you look). It’s the first time I’ve had it and, tbh, I think it’s nicer. As much as I like the Jack Daniels honey liqueur, this Clarke’s stuff is sweeter and thicker than either Jack OR Jim. That bottle’s not going to last long in this house. And, given that I’m usually on the floor after two Babychams, neither am I. Hic.

(scherpschutter) #2795

Not that much. We had Christmas dinner last night and I’m living with the consequences now (or trying to)

(ENNIOO) #2796

Cough medicine washed down with a beer.

(Farmer_J) #2797

Just got over the first Turkey yesterday (which still has much to be eaten), and am now off to my grandparents for more Turkey.

(Pacificador) #2798

Wild Turkey.

(sartana1) #2799

Got some pretty good scotch for Christmas: Glenlivet 15, Glenfiddich 15 and Highland Park 12. Trying them all :slight_smile: I used to prefer the more mild flavors but I’m enjoying the peatyness of the Highland Park. Going to have to try the 18 year old next (scotch that is) :wink:

(Asa) #2800

Never tried Highland Park but Glenlivet and (especially, IMO) Glenfiddich are beautiful. Take them neat with just the tiniest splash of water or a single small ice cube; the water opens up the flavour.

If you like your single malts, Oban and Talisker also come with my seal of approval. For blended scotch, go for Monkey Shoulder. Bloody gorgeous.