What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

(Asa) #2761

Just cut up a mango and a galea melon, and scoffed the lot. Refreshing.

Next up, a fourpack of Dead Crows.


Here we go, 5 Bells (5 O’Clock) Time to open the first beer of the afternoon.

(Asa) #2763

Bowl of cornflakes. Pure and simple. And beautiful.

(ENNIOO) #2764

Chinese spring roll washed down with a beer.


Right now, i’m having a few cold beers, it’s been quite a hot day today.

(ENNIOO) #2766

Snap !..be rude not to have a beer(s) on such a hot day :slight_smile: .

(Asa) #2767

Green tea. Bloody vile. I’m trying to acquire a taste for it though, since it’s apparently so healthy. Admittedly I’ve gone for the cheapest, most bog-standard teabags I could find while I’m still getting a feel for the stuff. So far: Ugh.

(Mickey13) #2768

I always evade teabags, no matter if it’s black or green tea, as they make my tea taste like paper, fucking awful.

Don’t start with some shite, last.caress, as you are likely to abhor green tea afterwards. First and foremost, try different types of green tea and pick the one you find the most savoury. I drink quite a strong type called ‘gunpowder’, but there are far less delicate. All you have to do is search for your favourite.

(Farmer_J) #2769

I drink Green tea every now and again, when I buy some from Chinatown in London. Usually I mostly drink a strong tea called “Lapsang Suchong”. Tastes like heaven, but makes you smell like a Cuban cigar. Only me and my Grandmother drink it, we’re the only ones who like it in our family :D.


Heh…i tried Green Tea once, didn’t like it.

(Farmer_J) #2771

You should try the proper tea fro the Chinatown areas, tastes nothing like shop bought green tea.

(Asa) #2772

There’s no Chinatown area of Pitsea, mate. ;D There’s the “Shithole” area and… well, that’s pretty much all of it. There’s a Tesco and an Aldi, and that’s that. In fairness though, I tried it again and I left the bag in for a little longer - didn’t stir it, just let it infuse - then I dolloped a small spoon of honey in there. Tasted immeasurably better, good enough for me to feel confident in experimenting with a couple of more expensive loose-leaf brands in the near future.

(ENNIOO) #2773

Few beers tonight :slight_smile: .

(autephex) #2774

Having my last cup of strong coffee for the night, and will soon be embarking on a few beers myself

(Mickey13) #2775

Having some porridge boiled in water.

(ENNIOO) #2776

On the orange juice tonight in preparation for some beers tomorrow :smiley:

(SNW500) #2777

Try Pu-Erh aged “brick” tea. You can resteep the same leaves about three times. First cup is just so-so, second cup is very strong and earthy tasting, third cup is mellow. I love tea, but am not a fan of green…it tastes like lawn clippings to me. ;D

(autephex) #2778

I prefer my tea in the form of coffee

(Asa) #2779

Today: Thai chicken Panang Krathongs.

(ENNIOO) #2780

Look interesting.