What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

(Bible Joe) #2721

Gnocchi ala genovese.

(Pacificador) #2722

Shot of Bulleit bourbon. Marvin, have you ever tried that one? Decent bourbon, cool old west looking bottle.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #2723

Can’t say that I have. Heck, I don’t even believe I’ve heard of it! I’ll have to check my local liquor stores to see if they carry it. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

(Asa) #2724



Sugar & Lemon, then Maple Syrup. As God intended.

Happy pancake day, everyone.

(ENNIOO) #2725

Pancakes :smiley: …was not to keen on the Maple Syrup though.

(Pacificador) #2726

Interesting, never heard of sugar and lemon on pancakes before. Is it a Brit thing?

(Phil H) #2727


Never thought about it but I suppose it might be. Certainly the traditional way to have them over here. But then again, maybe it’s a French thing as our pancakes are more like crepes than the big big fat mothers you fellas have in North America. Either way, it’s to be recommended.

For my part, I double dipped this pancake day. Lemon and sugar with my lunch time serving and then Nutella, banana, strawberries and ice cream with the evening batch. So good.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #2728

I’m a pancake lover, too. I just like mine with syrup, though. I leave the fancy stuff to the wife.

(Andy) #2729

Here in Canada pancakes with maple syrup and butter is still a big thing. They’re not always “big mothers” but definitely thicker than crepes. Usually it’s served with breakfast sausages and lots of coffee.

(Bible Joe) #2730

Beer, pizza, cake and pistachios. (watching football ;D)

(sartana1968) #2731

making toasts and drink pepsi cola

(Bible Joe) #2732

Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

(Pacificador) #2733

A shot of Gentleman Jack

(Marvin W. Bronson) #2734

Jim Beam: Straight, no chaser.

(Farmer_J) #2735

Roast Pork, crackling turned out better than I thought, extra salty and crunchy, heart stopping goodness.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #2736

Eating a piece of lemon poundcake.

(SNW500) #2737

Couple a shots of Monte Alban “Mezcal con Gusano” :smiley:

(Marvin W. Bronson) #2738

Vanilla ice cream…

(autephex) #2739

having a (second) glass of wine, red moscato

(Asa) #2740

Cornish pasty! Lovely.