What are the criteria for movies in the sw-database?

Is ,for example, Blueberry (Jan Kounen) elligible? It is partly shot in Almeria. It’s a eurowestern, no doubt, but it has little to do with Italians or Italy.

you just answered your own question

Ok. So, for instance, Comanche Blanco shouldn’t be on this site?

Idon’t know what is Hunting Party doing in database. It’s a british movie, isn’t it?

you’re both right. at some point somebody might’ve found a reason to put it in, and now they’re in.

well usually it has to be an italian production of some sort, or with an italian director, or so close to being a spaghetti-western, that the fact that it was a spanish production doesnt matter, as with some of the fidani stuff…

but you can always add a “if this is a spaghetti western, is a matter of dispute, please join our discussion in the message board” to the film’s page, and just put it in there

Done :wink:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be a smart Alec, I was just wondering where the grey areas end.

that’s why they’re gray… we don’t really know

Haha, good point Sebastian ;D

[quote=“alk0, post:4, topic:457”]Idon’t know what is Hunting Party doing in database. It’s a british movie, isn’t it?
i myself count films that are shot in Spain, to settle any arguments we could maybee call these “Eurowesterns” :slight_smile:

so what about films like “guns for san sebastian”? it was shot in Mexico, but it is an italian co-production :slight_smile: (personally i count it as a spaghetti)

This could go on forever!!!

i agree, i would count guns for San Sebastian as a spaghetti also, not all spaghettis as you may well know were shot in Spain, quite a few of them were shot in Italy.

Some films even have western elements but aren’t really westerns such as the Zanna bianca movies.

End of the day even though this is a “spaghetti western” forum there are many great westerns out there from various countries and it would be a shame not to discuss them occasionally just because there is not an Italian link.

Clint Eastwood for instance has made some of the very best U.S. westerns and in my opinion Unforgiven is the best western made in the last 25 years or so.

Let’s just watch our westerns and enjoy them wherever they are from (even though spaghettis are easily the best :))

Yeah, you’re right, why make things more complicated than they already are :wink:

Maybe this website should publish, after proper considering, a set of criteria as to what constitutes a spaghetti western?

For instance the Winnetou films could perhaps not be considered sw’s after all, even if they’re in the database at the moment?

Only true sw’s would be allowed into the database, but all other westerns, both euro and american would of course be discussed in the forum.

I think maybe the current basic rules that it only has to be an italian production is a little wrong.

well there are gray areas… in the end it’s better to have more movies than not enough movies :wink:

Haha, yes there are grey areas, and maybe it’s stupid to be too rigid, better perhaps to have an open debate about some films.

But still the Winnetou films came before Fistful, maybe one criteria would be that a true sw would have to have been produced after Fistful, the first real sw?

As you know there were some italian westerns before Fistful, more in the style of Hollywood.

But this is an endless debate I know :wink: ;D

Hey good fight… hehe !!! i would say that Spaghetti has it lots of mirrors and curtains, mexicanos clothes !!! Just Kidding… Well this concept came after Leone or I think Corbucci made Django… There are some spaghetti that really don´t are but they are westerns, and some american that are just like spaghetti… remember Clint !!!

okay here is how i see it:
must be either an italian production or at least partially shot in italy, or be with major italian directors/producers and fit into the genre. that would exclude pure spanish productions, pure german productions and it would include everything made before fistful. as long as it’s a western and as long as it’s somehow italian, it’s in.
as to the other films, well, sometimes there’s some leeway, i mean the winnetou films are eurowesterns, and they are very popular, i took them in mainly because some of them are co-produced, and Bruckner lists them as well, plus, i mean, i dont think it will hurt to have some films in the database that are related, but not technically spaghetti westerns, after all, we want people to learn, and expand their love for movies

Missing titles that fit the criteria above (I don’t have the time to add them):

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:19, topic:457”]Missing titles that fit the criteria above (I don’t have the time to add them):