What are the best pre-Leone euro-westerns?

As the title says; what are the best pre-Leone euro-westerns, that has hints of the spaghetti-western style before it became “perfected” in A Fistful of Dollars (like camera-movements, editing, music etc.)
Naming pre-Leone euro-westerns that are good films in general is also fine by me.

None of them is of any interest to me. At least of the Italian and Spanish westerns made in the early 60s. Mediocre stuff.

Gunfight at Red Sands is a good one.

Not really. Maybe the best amongst the forgettable early rest.

Apart form FoD there is only Corbucci’s Minnesota Clay which is of some interest before 1965.

Minnesota Clay is mildly enjoyable yes. Better than Massacre at Canyon Grande, which may be the worst SW I’ve ever seen.

Seven Guns From Texas is a damn good one.