Westerns I Watched in 2008

Here’s a list of Spaghetti Westerns, American westerns, non-Spaghetti westerns & western related dcumentaries I watched in 2008.
I watched 161 different Spags, 24 American westerns, 16 non-Spag/non-American westerns & 7 docus.

I had set a goal of watching 200 different Spaghettis but I fell far short (39!).
Anyway, I know people on the forum watch as often as I do so am not saying my viewing is anything special but I just wanted to list them somewhere and none of my friends in SF give a shit! And thanks to all my friends on the forum who helped me along the way in discovering some new Spaghettis!

My list is (basically) in the order in which I watched them.

Spaghetti westerns

Return of Ringo Duccio Tessari 65
The Price of Power Tonino Valerii 68
Django Kill Giulio Questi 67
Companeros Sergio Corbucci 70
A Reason to Live a Reason to Die Tonino Valerii 72
A Pistol for Ringo Duccio Tessari 65
Johnny Oro Sergio Corbucci 66
A Stranger in Town Luigi Vanzi 67
Trinity is Still My Name Enzo Barboni 71
Ferdra West Joaquin Romero Marchent 68
One After Another Nick Nostro 68
If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death Gianfranco Parolini 68
God Made Them…I Kill Them Paolo Bianchi 68
Cemetery Without Crosses (x3) Robert Hossein 68
Yankee Tinto Brass 66
Black Jack Gianfranco Baldanello 68
El Puro (x2) Edoardo Mulargia 70
Execution Domenico Paolella 68
The Greatest Robbery in the West Maurizio Lucidi 68
Vengeance Trail Pasquale Squittieri 71
Ringo’s Big Nght Mario Maffei 66
Acquasanta Joe Mario Gariazzo 71
The Price of Death Enzo Gicca Palli 72
Shango Edoardo Mulargia 69
Reverend Colt Leon Klimovsky 70
Stranger and the Gunfighter Antonio Margheriti 73
Fasthand Is Still My Name Mario Bianchi 72
Django Shoots First Alberto De Martino 66
Death Walks in Laredo Enzo Peri 66
Night of the Serpent (x2) Giulio Petroni 69
The Mercenary Sergio Corbucci 68
The Stranger Returns Luigi Vanzi 68
Three Bullets for Ringo Emmio Salvi 66
Man Called Django Edoardo Mulargia 71
Navajo Joe Sergio Corbucci 66
My Name is Pecos (x2) Maurizio Lucidi 66
Showdown for a Bad Man Demofilo Fidani 72
Sugar Colt Franco Giraldi 66
Man Called Noon Peter Collinson 74
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone Enzo G. Castellari 67
Dynamite Jim Alfonso Balcazar 66
Get Mean Ferdinando Baldi 75
Stranger in Japan Luigi Vanzi 69
Hole in the Forehead Giuseppe Vari 68
Those Dirty Dogs Giuseppe Rosati 73
The Specialists Sergio Corbucci 69
A Bullet For Sandoval Julio Buchs 69
They Call Me Trinity Enzo Barboni 70
Don’t Wait Django Shoot Edoardo Mulargia 68
Man From Oklahoma Jaime Jesus Balcazar 65
Brother Outlaw Edoardo Mulargia 71
32 caliber Killer Alfonso Brescia 67
Raise Your Hands Dead Man Leon Klimovsky 71
Dead Men Ride Aldo Florio 70
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Sergio Leone 66
Django Sergio Corbucci 66
God Forgives…I Don’t Giuseppe Colizzi 67
Killer Kid Leopoldo Savona 67
A Fistful of Dollars Sergio Leone 64
Kid, Terror of the West Tonino Ricci 73
Duel in the Eclipse Jose Luis Merino 68
The Relentless Four Primo Zeglio 66
Poker With Pistols Giuseppe Vari 67
Three Silver Dollars Mario Amendola 68
For a Few Dollars More Sergio Leone 65
Devil Was an Angel Sergio Bergonzelli 67
His Name Was Holy Ghost Giuliano Carmineo 70
The Magnificent Texan Luigi Capuano 67
Akward Hands Rafael Romero Marchent 68
Wanted Georgio Ferroni 68
Hate for Hate Domenico Paolella 67
The Man Who Killed Billy the Kid Julio Buchs 67
The Belle Starr Story Lina Wertmuller 68
Kill or Die Tanio Boccia 66
The Last Gun Sergio Bergonzelli 64
Vengeance for Vengeance Mario Colucci 68
And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars Giulo Petroni 68
Four Dollars for Vengeance Jaime Jesus Balcazar 66
A Bullet for the General Damiano Damiani 66
Johnny Yuma Romolo Guerrieri 66
Face to Face Sergio Sollima 67
El Rojo Leopoldo Savona 66
Twice a Judas Nando Cicero 68
Mutiny at Fort Sharp Fernando Cerchio 66
Coward’s Don’t Pray Mario Siciliano 68
Challenge of the McKennas Leon Klimovsky 69
Cut-Throats Nine Joaquin Romero Marchent 71
And God Said to Cain Antonio Margheriti 69
Death Knows No Time Leon Klimovsky 68
Life is Tough, Eh Providence ? Giulio Petroni
Starblack Giovanni Grimaldi 66
Gunman of One Hundred Crosses Carlo Croccolo 71
Death Played the Flute Elo Panaccio 72
Shoot the Livng and Pray for the Dead Giuseppe Vari 71
His Name Was King Renato Savio 71
Son of Django Osvaldo Civirani 67
Days of Violence Alfonso Brescia 67
Gunfight at Red Sands Ricardo Blasco 63
Ringo the Lone Rider Rafael Romero Marchent 68
Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin Giuliano Carmineo 72
Kill Johnny Ringo Gianfranco Baldanello 66
Tex and the Lord of the Deep Duccio Tessari 85
Five Giants from Texas Aldo Florio 66
Black Killer Carlo Croccolo 71
Django Kills Softly Massimo Pupillo 68
I Came, I Saw, I Shot Enzo G. Castellari 68
One Against One…No Mercy Rafael Romero Marchent 68
Santana Kills Them All Rafael Romero Marchent 70
To Hell and Back Giovanni Fago 68
Rattler Kid Leon Klimovsky 68
Last of the Badmen Nando Cicero 67
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows Demofilo Fidani 71
Sartana Does Not Forgive Alfonso Balcazar 68
I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly Ettore Fizarotti 68
Thirty Winchesters for El Diablo Gianfranco Baldanello 67
The Road to Fort Alamo Mario Bava 65
Blood at Sundown Alberto Cardone 69
Bastards Go and Kill Luigi Mangini 71
Captain Apache Alexander Singer 71
Death Sentence Mario Lanfranchi 69
For $1000 Per Day Silvio Amadio 66
Macho Killers Marcello Andrei 77
The Dirty Outlaws Franco Rosetti 67
Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe Mario Caiano 73
Finders Killers Gianni Crea 71
Lola Colt Siro Marcellini 68
The Tramplers Alfredo Antonini 65
The Hellbenders Sergio Corbucci 67
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow Gianni Crea 73
Law of Violence Gianni Crea 69
Tepepa Giulio Petroni 69
Cry for Revenge Rafael Romero Marchent 68
Taste for Killing Tonino Valerii 66
I Want Him Dead Paolo Bianchi 68
Man Called Sledge Vic Morrow 70
Blindman Ferdinando Baldi 71
The Forgotten Pistolero Ferdinando Baldi 69
Man Called Blade Sergio Martino 77
Shotgun Roberto Mauri 68
Run Man Run Sergio Sollima 68
Sartana in the Valley of Death Roberto Mauri 70
El Cisco Sergio Bergonzelli 66
Gunfight at High Noon Joaquin Romero Marchent 63
The Implacable Three Joaquin Romero Marchent 63
My Name is Nobody Tonino Valerii 73
Left Handed Johnny West Gianfranco Parolini 65
Seven Guns for the MacGregors Franco Giraldi 65
Payment in Blood Enzo G. Castellari 68
Red Blood, Yellow Gold Nando Cicero 68
Apocalypse Joe Leopoldo Savona 70
Boot Hill Giuseppe Colizzi 69
Cjamango Edoardo Mulargia 67
Pistoleros Alfio Caltabiano 68
His Name Was Sam Wabash Demofilo Fidani 71
No Graves on Boot Hill Sergio Garrone 69
$10,000 Blood Money Romolo Guerrieri 66
The Big Gundown Sergio Sollima 66
Johnny Hamlet Enzo G. Castellari 67
Death Rides a Horse Giulo Petroni 67
The Great Silence Sergio Corbucci 68
Bury Them Deep Paola Moffa 68

American westerns

The Last Wagon Delmer Daves 56
Evil Roy Slade Jerry Paris 72
Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks 74
Valley of Gwangi James O’Connolly 69
Wild Gals of the Naked West Russ Meyer 62
The Great Train Robbery Edwin S. Porter 1903
The Searchers John Ford 56
Day of the Outlaw Andre de Toth 59
Naked Hands G.M. Anderson 1917
Blood on the Moon Robert Wise 48
The Stalking Moon Robert Mulligan 69
With Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre Robert Bradbury 1927
The Battle of Elderbush Gulch D.W. Griffith 1913
Four Faces West Alfred E. Green 48
My Darling Clementine John Ford 46
Pursued Raoul Walsh 47
Yellow Sky William Wellman 48
The Wonderful Country Robert Parrish 59
The Furies Anthony Mann 50
Two Rode Together John Ford 61
Ride Lonesome Budd Boetticher 59
Comanche Station Budd Boetticher 60
The Tall T Budd Boetticher 57
Seven Men From Now Budd Boetticher 56

Non-Spag/non-American westerns

White Sun of the Desert Vladimir Motyl 70
Lemonade Joe Oldrich Lipsky 64
Summer Love Piotr Uklanski 2006
Sholay Ramesh Sippy 75
Armed and Dangerous: Times of Bret Harte Vladimir Vainstok 77
A Girl is a Gun Luc Mollet 71
The Elusive Avengers Edmond Keosayan 66
Guns for San Sebastian Achod Malakian 67
El Topo Alejandro Jodorowsky 70
Among Vultures Alfred Vohrer 64
Old Surehand Alfred Vohrer 65
Manitou’s Shoe Michael Herbig 2001
The Treasure of Silver Lake Harald Reinl 62
Winnetou the Warrior Harald Reinl 63
Last of the Renegades Harald Reinl 64
Old Shatterhad Hugo Fregonese 64

Western related Docus

L’America A Roma Gianfranco Pannone 98
The Spaghetti West David Gregory 2005
Western Italian Style Patrick Morin 68
My Best Fiend Werner Herzog 99
American Rebel: The Dean Reed Story Will Roberts 85
Budd Boetticher: A Man Can Do That Bruce Ricker 2005
Budd Boetticher: An American Original Fred Bailey 2005

A few westerns then young man ;).


But it’s a good idea, I think, to keep track of stuff such as this. I don’t think I can set as high a goal as that but…

Looks like a damn fine year RF. And from its evidence it would appear to have been an entire year since you last watched Return of Ringo. So it’s about time you put that puppy back in the player!
Seriously though, I’m keen to know which films were the highlight for you out of all this viewing.

One hundred and sixty-one spaghetti westerns in one year IS special my friend :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve done more than a hundred even in the best of years. I have also tended to shift between the genres though so as not to get overdosed on one genre.

Romaine, did you like Manitou’s Shoe? Funny?

I once kept track of every movie i watched, but i lost it while having problems with my computer, so unfortunately i can’t publish my list

Romaine 's insane! I have to quote korano: HOL E SHIT !

You have me interested Romaine on how many films you viewed from other genres…

I made a few short lists in this regard but I want to think about them for a little before I post them.
Thanks for asking.

Thanks Soren.

Not so funny to me. But the Winnetou films kind of grew on me after I watched a few and changed my expectations. They are pretty simple stories but I came to appreciate them for the cinematography and locations. Maybe Manitou’s Shoe requires another viewing. Also, I generally don’t care for spoofs or comedies. Although I will say that I love Lemondae Joe. What do you think of LJ?

Quite insane, yes. With no social life.

I think I watched about 30 non westerns.
All across the board, though. Peplums, Eurocrime, Art House, Film Noir etc, etc.
Standouts in this area are:
The Frightened Woman
The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai
Violent Naples
Anything with Chelo Alonso :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen LJ.

But MS is a very funny film and also made in an affectionate way. I love this fantastic dance scene.
It was an incredible success in Germany, but Pierre Brice was pissed off.

I should have guessed ;).

Social life is completely overrated :wink:

Have to agree ;).

But how many didn’t you like [cough]Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead[cough]

Sir, I salute you!

[quote=“Romaine Fielding, post:1, topic:1514”]Spaghetti westerns
Shotgun Roberto Mauri 68[/quote]

Where did you find Shotgun?