Western, Italian Style (1968/Morin)


Interesting documentary about Spaghetti Westerns. Saw it on Youtube a long time ago but the entire film is removed now so I can’t rewatch it anymore. Anyone seen it?

It’s an extra to the french (Canal+) DVD of The Great Silence (the documentary is in original English Language, French subs):


(Which reminds me I still have to wrrite a review of this DVD :P)

The documentary is also on Blue Underground’s Run Man Run DVD and one of KOCH DVDs but don’t remember which. The KOCH version is not remastered while the Blue Underground one is.

Some nice behind-the-scenes footage and few short interviews but not much else. The way the spaghetti western genre is presented is like “look, those stupid Italians are trying to make westerns, isn’t that funny!?” Also, wtf does that “John & Wayne” duo have to do with anything?

Mostly poor but you can’t go completely wrong with something that features so many spaghetti regulars.

edit: the KOCH DVD is Shoot, Gringo, Shoot!

I liked it. Frank Wolff’s narration is terrific with some humor as well.

Some really useful information, and good to see Corbucci/Sollima/Castellari at work.

I also liked the clips underlining the influence of Westerns on young Italians, too, giving the impression there was more to the phenomenon than just movies (of course, the documentary could have been stretching the truth there…).

I also have this little docu on this Koch DVD. I really like it. It’s fun watching and everyone seems to enjoy himself. Thanks for this thread, it reminds me to rewatch it!