Weirdest Spaghetti Western

I’m going with Matalo. Although Get Mean is tempting.

Please make suggestions and I’ll try and add them to the poll.

Add Django Kill, If you Live… Shoot for sure

Shit, looks like the editing option has been removed! >:(

The editing option is back. I added Django Kill and removed Blindman.

Not really the weirdest out there but some suggestions:

El Rojo
Crazy Bunch
The Specialist
His Name Was Sam Wallash But They Called Him Amen
And why not the Blindman too…

Come on, it’s not any weirder than any other Fidani SW i’ve seen

[quote=“alk0, post:7, topic:1308”]Come on, it’s not any weirder than any other Fidani SW i’ve seen[/quote]How about slow motion saloon fight? Or phobia of clapping doors? I think it’s unique even in Fidani’s scale.

How about Kill And Pray? Definitely got some weird characters and situations going on… :slight_smile:

Yep…it’s definitely the weirdest Fidani i’ve seen so far :smiley:

MATALO for me, but the weirdest Euro-Western i have seen must be BLUEBERRY.

Well it’s not spaghetti western but a eurowestern… named [glow=red,2,300]Dead Man’s Bounty[/glow]
Man…it was weird movie I have ever seen. I am planning to categorize this movie and write a review for this movie on my website soon… :slight_smile:

Or the famous bountykillers that are introduced to never show up again…

Put Blindman back in their and added the specialist and the Fidani movie with the long title. Just added Kill and Pray.