Weirdest Spaghetti Western

(korano) #1

I’m going with Matalo. Although Get Mean is tempting.

(korano) #2

Please make suggestions and I’ll try and add them to the poll.

(alk0) #3

Add Django Kill, If you Live… Shoot for sure

(korano) #4

Shit, looks like the editing option has been removed! >:(

(korano) #5

The editing option is back. I added Django Kill and removed Blindman.

(Bill san Antonio) #6

Not really the weirdest out there but some suggestions:

El Rojo
Crazy Bunch
The Specialist
His Name Was Sam Wallash But They Called Him Amen
And why not the Blindman too…

(alk0) #7

Come on, it’s not any weirder than any other Fidani SW i’ve seen

(Bill san Antonio) #8

[quote=“alk0, post:7, topic:1308”]Come on, it’s not any weirder than any other Fidani SW i’ve seen[/quote]How about slow motion saloon fight? Or phobia of clapping doors? I think it’s unique even in Fidani’s scale.

(Silver) #9

How about Kill And Pray? Definitely got some weird characters and situations going on… :slight_smile:

Yep…it’s definitely the weirdest Fidani i’ve seen so far :smiley:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

MATALO for me, but the weirdest Euro-Western i have seen must be BLUEBERRY.

(satty) #11

Well it’s not spaghetti western but a eurowestern… named [glow=red,2,300]Dead Man’s Bounty[/glow]
Man…it was weird movie I have ever seen. I am planning to categorize this movie and write a review for this movie on my website soon… :slight_smile:

(Bad Lieutenant) #12

Or the famous bountykillers that are introduced to never show up again…

(korano) #13

Put Blindman back in their and added the specialist and the Fidani movie with the long title. Just added Kill and Pray.