Wanted: War Machine with Brad Pitt

I know there’s a Brazilian release. Right now I’m looking for any copy as long as it’s in English. I can do a trade for spaghetti westerns

Isnt it on Netflix? Not a great movie in my opinion

It doesn’t really interest me but I need a physical copy for a Christmas present. It seems like the Brazilian DVDs are the only ones available and I’m unable to import them. Even a DVD+R would do if anybody can help.

After Michôd made “The Rover” which I think is one of the best films of the last decade, I was expecting something great from “War Machine”. Unfortunately it almost seemed like a completely different director had made it. Needless to say, I was very underwhelmed.

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My grandmother is still after a DVD and I haven’t been able to obtain it. She’d be happy with a dvd-R. Can anyone help?

This probably isn’t that helpful but I saw that on ebay it was from a seller from the USA. They were asking a lot for it though.

Pakistan dvd, 5 bucks.


or just watch it on netflix?

I don’t use Netflix

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Or just don’t watch it and go with “The Rover” instead :grinning:

The problem seems to be that Netflix won’t release its films on blu-ray. I suppose from a business perspective that makes sense.

I need it for my grandmother. She likes Brad Pitt films and this is the only one I haven’t been able to get for her since I don’t use Netflix and have no way of copying it.

Can’t you set your grandmother up with a Netflix subscription, if only for the free month so’s she can watch the film? It’ll cost her/you the princely sum of sod all, and she’ll see the movie. Job done! Netflix are notoriously shitty about releasing their movies onto physical media.

Or he could just get the dvd from Pakistan.

I’m pretty sure the Netflix “prestige films” will all be released one day, then when they have lost their actuality and are only rarely streamed.

Criterion is already releasing Cuaron’s Roma on Blu.