Wanted: Ulzana's Raid

(The Man With a Name) #1

I have both the director’s cut and the Lancaster cut. I’m looking for the extended version shown on some TV channels that combines scenes from both versions. Does anybody have it?

(Stanton) #2

Only in German, and only on VHS.

Was that unofficial version ever shown or released outside Germany?

(The Man With a Name) #3

It seems like it was also shown on American television but with cuts for violence. Do you have a copy of the extended version? I’m curious to get any copy right now just to see how it was edited together, although I would love to see a fandub if anybody has bothered to make one. This is my favourite American western.

(Stanton) #4

But this longer version is not very well known apart from Germany, so I doubt that it was officially shown anywhere else. But I remember that someone here (Ennio?) mentioned a English fandub of the German TV version.

I have it only in German, and only on VHS, and I can’t copy that.


There is a composite of the Aldrich cut (1.85 dvd sourced) combining 10 mins from the Lancaster cut ( 1.85 vhs sourced) in english.

(The Man With a Name) #6

If anybody could send me a DVD-R of this version, I’d really appreciate it. Only thing I would have cut out of the Lancaster version is some of the extended dialogue he uses in the scene when Mrs Riordan tries to kill herself. Other than that, all of the material is great.

(The Man With a Name) #7

Does anybody have a copy of the composite they could send me?

(The Man With a Name) #8

French Blu-ray/DVD combo has both the Lancaster and Aldrich cuts.

(Stanton) #9

But the Lancaster cut only in 1,33:1 on the DVD. Open matte I assume.

(The Man With a Name) #10

It says it contains the Aldrich cut, Lancaster cut and a “restored version.” Is the restored version a composite of the two?

(The Man With a Name) #11

Have had no luck getting a copy of the composite. Can anybody help?

(The Man With a Name) #12

And still looking for a copy… :frowning:

(Sebastian) #13

It’s out, just buy it?

(The Man With a Name) #14

I’m looking for the composite.

(Sebastian) #15

Yea that’s gonna be hard to find, if it’ll ever be properly released. It’s something one or two TV channels did purely on their own, based on their materials…

(The Man With a Name) #16

The composite is on Cinemageddon apparently.

(Stanton) #17

The German Blu does not contain this unofficial composite version, and that’s a big missed goal.

But it contains both versions from which the composite was compiled. But the European version only in SD and in open matte 1,37:1.
It won’t be easy to find a better version of this one.

The German composite version was also only in be shown on TV in open matte full screen.

(Sebastian) #18

I am finishing up my review of the Explosive release… the Aldrich cut is a great movie, and the BluRay is pretty solid too. As always, I prefer “seamless branching” options for fans, but considering the Lancaster cut is only available in a really low quality version, the inserts would’ve been an atrocious interruption. From all I’ve read, the changes aren’t half as significant as made out to be, so I am very happy with the Aldrich cut

(Stanton) #19

Changes is the wrong word.
There are 2 different versions with several scenes only available in one of the versions. And in that case the composite version is the winner. But still, the film is already great in both of the shorter theatrical versions.

(Sebastian) #20

Yes but the composite version is neither Lancaster’s nor Aldrich’s version, so I’m not really interested that much. I’d preferred a documentary and/or deleted scenes just for information’s sake.