WANTED - SPO spaghetti western DVDs

I’m looking for these titles and have come up without any luck (only amazon.jp lists them used, but none of the sellers ship outside of Japan…). Please let me know if you have any of these discs for sale (in preferably NM condition/no scratches)

  • Bandidos
  • E per tetto un cielo di stelle
  • Uno dopo l’altro
  • Vivi o preferibilmente morti


Sazuma.com has the last 3 listed, but they’re very expensive and from what I’ve heard, they take their time. They are listed as Imagica releases, but I think those are also known as the SPO releases. Haven’t shopped there myself.

Maybe yesasia.com has those titles or did you try that already?

You can find UNO DOPO L’ALTRO on eBay here: