Gentleman Killer (WE)
Matalo (WE)
Hellbenders (Anchor Bay)

Vengeance (UK)
Clumsy Hands
Dead Men Don’t Count

PM me if you’re interested in selling, and give a price - don’t fish…

Koch release of BARREL FULL OF DOLLARS anyone?? Trade or sell?

It’s still on sale on Amazon for ten euro?

Hmm I can’t find it, can you give me a link?

From Amazon.de

Used 9.62, new 19.98.

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Also want any Video For Pleasure tape except for Vengeance… also Wild Easts Clint the Nevadas Loner double feature…

If anyone has any of these for sell, I’m very interested

I have all three tapes but definitely not for sale!

Hehe! I guess they’re extremly rare all three…

Nice seeing some Danish tapes :slight_smile:

In my Danish tape-collecting days I only managed to find The Killer. Might still have it actually. Sold a lot of what I had. Not selling anymore though as I might regret and decide to start over :slight_smile: Happy hunting. You can try and make a post here:


Not much activity these days but some Danish tape collectors still frequent it.

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Greek tape of This Man Can’t Die wanted

Wanted Johnny Texas VHS

UNICORN tapes (the spags) - have Adios Hombre and Gentleman Killer - looking for the rest

Adiós Hombre is the only Unicorn tape I’m missing, I think

Adios Hombre
And God Said to Cain
A Stranger in Paso Bravo
Between God Devil and a Winchester
Dead for a Dollar
Gentleman Killer
Rattler Kid
Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistols for a Coffin
Twice A Judas
You’re Jinxed My Friend, You’ve Met Sacramento

I think that’s all of the spags. At least the ones I’ve seen

I still need Dead for a Dollar, as well. There’s also other editions of the same films. For example, they released Gentleman Killer in an alternative box.

Yes, and some came in paper slipcovers as well.