Wanted: Spaghetti Westerns on VHS

(Søren) #1

Don’t know if this is the correct sub-forum to create this post in but here goes:

I seek original spaghetti western VHS-releases (also ex-rentals)… Especially Danish releases but e-mail me what you want to part with.

Soren (avatardk@gmail.com)

(Sebastian) #2

why would you want VHS if you can get DVD?

(Søren) #3

Because a lot of times the movie is only out on VHS. Plus I do love those Danish covers. Interested in non-Danish VHS releases too though.

If you’re tired of your VHSes Sebastian mail me your list :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #4

I don’t have any. what the hell is a VHS anyway? hahaha

(me) #5

I rarely ever buy a movie on vhs but they are sure fun to watch


[quote=“Sebastian, post:2, topic:612”]why would you want VHS if you can get DVD?[/quote]Because i can order dozens of cheap used vhs for the price of one dvd in some cases ,on places like amazon. :o