Wanted: Spaghetti Westerns on VHS

Don’t know if this is the correct sub-forum to create this post in but here goes:

I seek original spaghetti western VHS-releases (also ex-rentals)… Especially Danish releases but e-mail me what you want to part with.

Soren (avatardk@gmail.com)

why would you want VHS if you can get DVD?

Because a lot of times the movie is only out on VHS. Plus I do love those Danish covers. Interested in non-Danish VHS releases too though.

If you’re tired of your VHSes Sebastian mail me your list :slight_smile:

I don’t have any. what the hell is a VHS anyway? hahaha

I rarely ever buy a movie on vhs but they are sure fun to watch

[quote=“Sebastian, post:2, topic:612”]why would you want VHS if you can get DVD?[/quote]Because i can order dozens of cheap used vhs for the price of one dvd in some cases ,on places like amazon. :o

Just a note that I have noticed the VHS info in the database is extremely thin and spotty, so we could use help in adding more VHS releases (info, cover art, etc) to each of the movie pages.