Wanted: Spaghetti Western experts!

Hi, I’m making a film in which I’d like to include sequences from Spaghetti Westerns juxtaposed with the action. I was wondering if anyone could help by telling me in which films I can find examples of the following scenes:

  1. A lone man walking or riding into town
  2. A man alone at the bar of a saloon
  3. A man (or men) digging a grave or carrying a spade on his way to dig a grave
  4. 1 or 2 men playing music in the street (an acordean would be great, or just singing)
  5. A celebration/party at a saloon (drinking, singing, dancing, etc.)
  6. A car (are there any cars in Spaghetti Westerns?)
  7. A man lighting a cigarette for a woman
  8. A doctor
  9. 2 men talking seriously over drinks
  10. Children in a school class
  11. A waiter serving drinks in a saloon

Thank you - I really appreciate any help with any one of the above points.

Tierra Brutal (1961, Michael Carreras)

Passa Sartana… è l’ombra della tua morte (1968, Demofilo Fidani)

Preparati la bara! (1967, Ferdinando Baldi)

Thanks for 3 great references! Now to see if these films are all available…

Vengeance is Mine has a doctor attending wounded soldiers in one scene.

As for the car, well there is a couple of Zapata westerns that have one.

Thanks! Which Zapata westerns should I look at?


Quickly comes to my mind:

Vivi o preferibilmente morti
Sabata the Killer
Il mercenario

Aside from the films that volonte mentioned, there’s a car in one scene of What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution? (haven’t seen any good quality print of that one, though).

Arriva Sabata! (1970, Tulio Demicheli)

Basically 9 out of 10 spaghetti westerns. Here´s one:

Blindman (1971, Ferdinando Baldi)

Lola Colt (1967, Siro Marcellini)

Brilliant, thanks again!

No problem, just give me some credits on your movie :wink:

Haven’t got a school class picture readily available, but there are school class scenes featuring this kid (and his class mates):

Così Sia (1972, Alfio Caltabiano)

Sydne Rome plays the teacher.

I certainly will give you a credit.

I think there’s a school in the long version of Beyond the Law (Giorgio Stegani), but I haven’t got a copy